Promotion & Tenure

The Office of Faculty Affairs and Development provides support for the promotion of faculty in all appointment systems in the College of Human Medicine. Faculty can select their appointment type from the menu for more information.

MSU Academic Career Paths Events

In their annual “Thriving” events for faculty in a range of appointment systems, the AAN provides resources on the RPT process at the university level and examples of documents that make up the RPT dossier.

CHM Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in RPT Guidance

Faculty of all appointment systems and levels are expected to contribute to advancing MSU’s institutional commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). This document summarizes the expectations for incorporating evidence of DEI-related activities into RPT and annual review materials beginning in the 2022-23 review year.

Examples of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Activities

This document provides examples of activities that can be included in evidence submitted for RPT review. It is illustrative, not exhaustive.

MSU Guidance for Colleges in Implementing DEI in the RPT Process

Accessing Grant Applications and Awards in EBS

Faculty can access EBS for a printout of grant proposals submitted, including outcome (funded/unfunded), which can be included in promotion application materials. See the Form D Instructions and FAQs heading on this page. Firefox is the recommended browser for accessing the report printouts.

AAMC Curriculum Vitae Format

There is no required format for CVs at MSU or in the CHM, but we recommend the AAMC format.

COVID-19 Impact Statements

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected faculty in many ways. These resources can help you think about how to describe the impacts of COVID-19 on your career trajectory and progress toward meeting promotion criteria.

Developing an Academic Portfolio

The Academic Portfolio is a required component of the RPT dossier for all faculty systems in the College of Human Medicine.   

CHM Letters of Reference Guidelines

MSU External Letters of Reference Policy