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Dean’s Update | July 30

(Dean Sousa's update to the Dean's Update, Friday, 4:30pm)


By now most of you know that MSU has moved to a mask and vaccine mandate for students AND faculty and staff. The mask mandate is just like our world a few months ago, except there will be more people in our offices and classrooms.

The vaccine mandate is clearly new, and I am in complete support of both the vaccine and mask mandates. 

The College of Human Medicine already has a vaccine requirement for students to get a clinical assignment. Because all our students have clinical assignments, implementing the vaccine mandate for students will follow the same process as the clinical assignment requirement.

The college will be a part of the MSU process for implementing the faculty and staff vaccine mandate. I understand the university is working on a vaccine registry and will be working with the bargaining units on the timeline for documenting vaccination.  

We will learn more in the next week or so, as the university establishes its process for implementing the vaccine mandate. I want to express to Dr. Stanley and his team my deep appreciation for this thoughtful decision.

Vaccinated with you, 


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Debt increases for family medicine residents

The number of family medicine residents with more than $250,000 in self-reported educational debt increased by 81% over a five-year period, according to a study led by Julie Phillips, MD, professor in the Department of Family Medicine. 

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Marley’s marvelous success

New rare genetic syndrome goes from a collection of symptoms to successful treatment in less than two years

Diagnosing a rare medical condition is difficult.  Identifying a treatment for it can take years of trial and error. In a serendipitous intersection of research expertise, an ill patient in this case a child and innovative technology, Bachmann-Bupp Syndrome has gone from a list of symptoms to a successful treatment in just 16 months.

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