Career Development

The Office of Faculty Affairs and Development coordinates and supports faculty development programming in the College of Human Medicine.

Our flagship programs are described below. For more information on our offerings and resources, see the menu at the right.

New Faculty Orientation

New faculty of all MSU-paid faculty appointment types are welcomed each year with the New Faculty Orientation. Attendees learn about the support available for their career journey and progress toward meeting the college’s promotion expectations in their appointment system. They network with other new faculty across the college and meet with the college’s senior leadership to discuss expectations and opportunities for faculty in each area of the mission.

Faculty Mentoring Programs

The college’s centrally coordinated mentoring programming currently includes the Tenure System Mentoring Program, which has been providing targeted support for pre-tenure faculty on meeting college expectations for promotion and tenure since 2008, and the CHM Mentoring Circles program designed for faculty in the MSU-paid non-tenure (fixed term, academic specialist, health programs and research system) appointment systems. In addition, the Office of Faculty Development works with departments to coordinate department-level mentoring offerings for all faculty and academic staff appointment types and career stages.

Academic Leadership Support

The Office of Faculty Affairs and Development also hosts the quarterly Chair Collaboration and Leadership series. In this workshop series, chairpersons and directors across the college meet to discuss faculty affairs and development topics within the unit leader’s purview. The goals of the program are to build and nurture the professional community of chairs and directors in the college, provide opportunities to share new ideas and best practices for faculty affairs and faculty development topics, and support chairperson and director leadership development.