College RPT Committee


As outlined in the CHM Bylaws, the Reappointment, Promotion, and Tenure (RPT) Committee will be composed of eight (8) elected faculty members. Those receiving the highest number of votes shall comprise the committee, but there shall be three (3) faculty members from clinical units and three (3) faculty members from non-clinical units. At the time of election or appointment, at least three (3) members of the committee shall be in the tenure system (at least one must not yet be tenured), two (2) Health Programs (HP) Track, and two (2) Fixed Term Track. The dean may appoint up to three (3) additional members of the committee to assure representation that reflects CHM and university diversity, equity and inclusion values.

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In providing advice on recommendations that involve the award of tenure, committee member participation is limited to tenured faculty. For promotion to full professor in the tenure system, committee member participation is limited to tenured full professors.

For all tracks of appointment, in providing advice on recommendations for promotion, all candidates for promotion will be voted on by committee members at the rank recommended for promotion or above. Clarification: in providing advice on recommendations for tenure system reappointment to the second probationary period at the rank of assistant professor, a tenure system assistant professor may vote if they have been reappointed to the second probationary period.

If a committee member has a conflict of interest with any of the applicants, they are required to recuse themselves.


A primary and secondary reviewer will conduct an extensive review of assigned promotion packets.

  • The primary reviewer will have 10 minutes to present their applicant.
  • The secondary reviewer will only need to add anything not covered by primary presenter.
  • All other committee members conduct a brief review of packets not assigned to them in order to participate in review discussion.
  • If needed the committee may request clarification from the department chair.
  • The department chair will be given the date of their faculty member's review, in advance, and asked to be available and to provide a contact number.


The College of Human Medicine has specific criteria for each faculty appointment system.

  • All reviews are criterion based. Each applicant is judged against the college criteria, and not against other applicants.
  • The body of work considered is what the applicant has done during their time in rank at MSU, except in extenuating circumstances.
  • The only information to be considered is what has been provided by the applicant, and other required documents submitted by the department. No special "insider" information known only to a committee member can be considered.


  • The college will notify department chairs of the Dean's recommendation to the university in March or April. Department chairs notify their faculty of the Dean's recommendation at this time.
  • The university will notify the college of the final recommendation in May or June.
  • The Board of Trustees meets to vote on the award of tenure in June.