Research System

The research faculty appointment category is established to meet the needs of a research-intensive, land-grant university in the recruitment and retention of individuals who support the research mission of the university. Research faculty are appointed on a fixed term basis. They are supported by sponsored projects or other non-appropriated university funds. Research faculty are expected to meet the research standards for comparably ranked tenure system faculty.

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  • Preparing for Review

    Departments provide criteria for promotion to all faculty members at time of appointment and in preparation for promotion review. Departments are responsible for initiating the reappointment and promotion processes and providing the specific timelines, procedures and criteria for their faculty.

    Faculty are responsible for familiarizing themselves with their department timelines, procedures and criteria prior to submitting a request for promotion and/or completing the required forms and other documentation.

    Research faculty are evaluated annually and provided feedback on their performance by the applicable unit administrator. Written annual evaluations are conducted as part of regular reviews related to assignment, planning and salary adjustment. Processes and criteria for reappointment and promotion should be a topic at this yearly meeting.

    Research faculty may be promoted at any time in accordance with the annual timetable for promotion recommendations. Promotion requires meeting department standards and criteria. A recommendation for promotion should be based on a record of several years (generally five to seven) of sustained, outstanding achievements in the research mission, consistent with performance levels expected for promotion at peer universities.

  • Promotion Process

    Faculty candidate completes and submits to department:

    1. CV
    2. Reflective Essay
    3. Sample of Scholarly Work (for external reviewers)
    4. List of recommended external reviewers
    5. Form on Progress and Excellence for Research System Faculty, Section IV
    6. Academic Portfolio

    Department adds:

    1. External reviewer letters
    2. Signed annual review letters for each year in the review period

    A departmental peer review committee provides advice to the department chairperson regarding promotion decisions. Faculty are given an opportunity to confer with the department peer review committee before a decision is made. The department chairperson conducts an independent evaluation, taking into consideration the peer review committee’s evaluation, and forwards a recommendation to the Office of Faculty Affairs and Development (FAD) for College RPT Committee review.

    Chairperson completes and submits to college:

    1. Form on Progress and Excellence for Research System Faculty, Sections I-III
    2. Items 1, 2, 5, 6, 7 and 8 above

    Departments submit promotion materials to FAD by January 15.

    The College RPT Committee provides advice to the Dean about department recommendations for promotion. The dean independently reviews each recommendation for promotion and forwards recommendations to the Office of the Provost, where the final decision is made.

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