Henry Ford Health Research Faculty

Research faculty at Henry Ford Health (HFH) who have academic appointments at MSU may apply for promotion at MSU if they have been promoted at HFH.

HFH research bio-scientific staff can be hired into two tracks (the Research Principal Investigator Track and the Collaborative Investigator Track) and three ranks: assistant scientist, associate scientist, and senior scientist. HFH research faculty at Michigan State University are appointed in the Research-HFHS appointment system, at the rank of assistant professor, associate professor or professor. Promotion to a rank above assistant professor, or initial appointment at such a rank, requires departmental and college review.

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  • Review Process

    When a promotion is finalized at HFH, a faculty member may submit their HFH promotion materials and an updated CV to the departments in which they are appointed at MSU. A departmental peer review committee provides advice to the department chairperson regarding promotion decisions. Faculty are given an opportunity to confer with the department peer review committee before a decision is made. The department chairperson conducts an independent evaluation, taking into consideration the peer review committee’s evaluation, and forwards a recommendation to the Office of Faculty Affairs and Development for College RPT Committee review.

    Chairperson completes and submits to college:

    1. Letter outlining the case for for promotion including the outcome of the departmental committee vote
    2. HFH promotion application materials submitted by candidate


    Departments submit promotion materials to FAD by the first working day in October.

    The College RPT Committee reviews these materials and provides advice to the dean regarding the promotion decision. The dean independently reviews each recommendation for promotion and makes the final decision.

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    CHM Research-HFHS Promotion Guidelines and Criteria

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