CHM Mentoring Circles

In response to feedback from fixed term faculty and academic specialists and based on a “mentoring circles” model adapted from the AAMC Group on Faculty Affairs, we are excited to announce the CHM Mentoring Circles program for 2022-2023.

Faculty in the fixed term and academic specialist appointment systems have diverse and specialized roles. They may be the only member of their unit or in the college with the position they fill, and senior role models who have navigated their career path at MSU may not exist. Their distribution across departments, communities and appointment systems can make assembling a comprehensive support network challenging.

In the CHM Mentoring Circles program, we leverage the collective knowledge of the community to enhance the personally defined mentoring networks of each member. Faculty may participate as a “mentor” in in an area in which they have comparably more experience and as a “mentee” in another area in which they have comparably less experience. All circle participants work together to investigate an area of interest and support professional growth for all members.

Program goals

  • Facilitate cross-college mentoring interactions for fixed term faculty and academic specialists
  • Help fixed term faculty and academic specialists in developing a mentoring network to support their career development
  • Generate flexible, focused topic groups for fixed term faculty and academic specialists that enhance career development and career satisfaction at all career stages.

Program features

  • Formation of mentoring circles of 4-6 faculty with varied levels of expertise on topics of shared interest.
  • An opening event for all participants to review norms for mentoring circles and establish shared expectations.
  • A framework for monthly meetings and for establishing a shared group project/outcome.
  • Ongoing consultation with CHM faculty development personnel during the year.
  • A final event for sharing and celebration of group activities and accomplishments.
  • Support for concluding and reforming (or renewing) circles in subsequent years.

Participant expectations

  • Attend opening and closing event and at least 80% of circle meetings
  • Contribute meaningfully to the shared group project/outcome for their circle
  • Complete annual reflection on contributions of CHM Mentoring Circles to career goals
  • Be a resource to circle colleagues and hold others accountable for progress

The 2022 CHM Mentoring Circles Opening Meeting is Monday, September 26, 2022, 4:00 – 5:30 pm in The Patenge Room (C102 East Fee Hall), East Lansing campus.

Interested? Sign up for the CHM Mentoring Circles for 2022-2023 by Thursday, September 1, 2022.

Questions? Contact Kelly Hodges, FAD Lead and CHM Mentoring Circles Program Director,