Independent Student Assessment 

As part of the self-study process, student representatives create an independent student assessment (ISA). The ISA process consists of the creation and dissemination of a student opinion survey and the development of a report that includes the survey results as well as analysis and interpretation of the responses. The ISA has a core set of questions that must be included as they relate to accreditation standards that are reported to and discussed with the LCME site visitors. Students are encouraged to identify additional topics of interest to include in the survey. CHM will make available technical and logistical support, but the survey and analysis are completed by students to ensure the report represents the thoughts of students without influence from the college.

The ISA survey development, data collection, and analysis will be completed in time for the results to be included in CHM's DCI. The final ISA report will include summary data from survey responses and a narrative of student perceptions of the program’s strengths, achievements, and areas for improvement. Our self-study task force will consider relevant data and summary findings from the ISA. The complete ISA (data, summary findings, and analysis) will be made available to the CHM's self-study task force nine months before the survey visit so that student opinion can be fully incorporated into our final self-study summary report.