ACC/FIN-5 New Funding Request Procedure

Effective Date: 7/1/15
Last Revised: 3/1/17
Responsible Party: College of Human Medicine Business Office
Persons Affected: All CHM Units and Departments


Units and Departments are responsible for their financial stability. Units and Departments will be required to follow a formal process to request additional budget allocations.  Appropriate documentation and must be provided to facilitate approval process.  


“Units” are defined as any Dean’s office units, including both Academic and non-Academic Units.

“Departments” are defined as any Academic Department, Center, Program or Division of the College.

“Funding” is defined as General Fund or other funding sources as deemed appropriate.

“Appropriate documentation” is any information that will assist in formulating a recommendation to the Dean. This may include, but is not limited to, a statement as to how the request will continue or further the strategic growth of the College, spreadsheets that demonstrate historically or prospectively how the funds will be used, CV’s and funding history, if possible.


The requesting Unit or Department submits a completed New Funding Request document, with accompanying documentation, to the Business Office. The Business Office will work with the requesting Unit or Department to determine next steps. Representatives from the requesting Unit or Department may be asked to attend a Heads of Programs (HOPS) meeting to present their request. The Business Office, appropriate Senior Associate Dean, or the HOPS committee will make a recommendation to the Dean. If approved, funding will be allocated to the Unit or Department by the College Budget Officer. Timing of allocation will depend upon individual hires or specific project.


Download editable Funding Request Form


1.0 - Effective date: 7/1/15 - Revised by K. Crosby - Original
1.1 - Effective date: 3/1/17 - Revised by K. Crosby - Revised name of policy and the procedures