MSU safer campus action steps

Taking action to foster a safer campus

MSU is committed to achieving the highest standards in assuring patient care and safety, preventing relationship violence and sexual misconduct, and supporting and responding to reports of such incidents. The university is working with internal and external experts to improve policies, procedures, programs, and operations. Below is a summary of this important work.

Download a full list of all the actions MSU has taken. (PDF)

Protecting Patients and Improving Patient Care
Michigan State holds the medical profession in high regard, but its trust must be backed by supporting policies, procedures, and verification. MSU is implementing improved patient safety, privacy protocols, and quality of care recommendations from an external review of all MSU clinics. Third-party quality and safety assurance reviews are anticipated to start this summer as we continue our commitment to achieving the highest patient care and safety standards. Read more

Preventing Sexual Misconduct and Sexual Assault
Prevention of sexual misconduct and sexual assault is central to maintaining a safer campus community. It starts with clear expectations backed by meaningful policies, consistent practices, and adequate resources. Michigan State is evaluating and supporting its prevention activities and directing increased staffing, training, and awareness efforts toward the goal of a safer campus. Read more

Responding to Sexual Misconduct and Sexual Assault 
In addition to the two, strong, survivor-support programs we have had on campus for many years—the MSU Sexual Assault Program and MSU Safe Place—we have dedicated significant new resources to strengthen our efforts to combat sexual and relationship violence. We have made significant strides. Nonetheless, sexual assault and relationship violence are still problems on our campus and in society at large. It is clear that more needs to be done so that when prevention fails, we are able to act decisively to assist victims. Read more

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