History of SDC

Development of the Shared Discovery Curriculum

Guiding Principles for a New Curriculum (October 6, 2011)

Approved in 2011 by the College of Human Medicine Curriculum Committee, these principles serve to guide the development of the Shared Discovery Curriculum.

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Medical Council of Canada: Objectives for the Qualifying Examination (October 2003)

This 2003 document shows the objectives used to evaluate basic cognitive, reasoning skills, an clinical aptitudes of all physicians entering medical practice in Canada.

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The NEXT CURRICULUM: Components and "Day in the Life" scenarios (2012)

This 2012 document contains the overall curricular purpose of the new curriculum including guiding principles, information on admissions, assessment, learning strategies, the Academy, and "Day in the Life" scenarios.

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Pilot Testing Results

Early Clinical Experience Pilot Objectives Findings (Summer 2013)

Early Clinical Experience Pilot Talking Points (Summer 2013)