Diversity and Outreach

The mission of the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is to provide high quality programs and services to promote outreach to the community, cultural diversity, inclusion and cultural competence for the students, faculty and staff of Michigan State University College of Human Medicine.

  • Serving as the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine lead for diversity, inclusion, multicultural affairs, and community outreach and working in collaboration with other College of Human Medicine administrators to develop, implement, and promote college policies and initiatives that advance diversity and inclusion across the college and all college communities.
  • Designing educational, outreach, and service programs and initiatives that address the creation and expansion of the pipeline to prepare a diversity of future students for medical education, the exposure of medical students to service in diverse communities, and the provision of culturally appropriate health promotion and health services to diverse populations.
    • Council on Diversity Education (CODE)
    • Advanced Baccalaureate Learning experience (ABLE) Program
  • Directing and/or coordinating programs and services for students, faculty, and staff for the promotion of diversity and inclusion across the college.
    • MLK Day Program
    • Latino Heritage Program, African American Heritage Program and Cultural Heritage Program with student organizations 
  • Strengthening and creating a supportive environment for College of Human Medicine students, staff, and faculty that fosters full participation and cultivates excellence through inclusion, diversity, institutional equity, and intercultural understanding.
  • Participating in relevant regional and national organizations that support the work of student affairs and multicultural affairs including
    • AAAC new professional group – Group on Diversity and Inclusion
    • AAMC – Group on Student Affairs, Committee on Diversity Affairs
    • National Council for Diversity in the Health Professions
    • National Association of Medical Minority Educators (NAMME)
    • Council on Racial Equity (CORE)
    • MSU IDEA Coordinators
    • MSU Pre-college Programs Advisory Committee
  • Pursuing outside grants and gifts to support the mission of diversity, inclusion, and outreach.
    • Current Health Careers Opportunity Program Grant (2008-2011) approximately $2 million