HR/Payroll-2 Hiring Temporary and On-Call Support Staff

Effective Date: November 9, 2020
Last Revised: February 15, 2022
Responsible Party: Toya Pruitt
Persons Affected: Dean’s Office unit staff who hire temporary and/or on-call support staff for East Lansing, Grand Rapids and Flint Campuses.

I. Policy/Purpose

Temporary and on-call (TOC) support staff positions are required to be posted and will be processed through the applicant tracking system. This will allow units to have a more diverse pool of applicants and help units to monitor an employee’s concurrent employment and on- call hours.

A list of temporary titles is available to assist units in selection of an appropriate title and to assist in the appropriate language for posting these positions. Enterprise Business Systems (EBS) is used to terminate individuals who are no longer working. It is the unit’s responsibility to notify the Dean’s Office Human Resources when a temp or on-call position needs to be terminated.

II. Definitions

2.1 Temporary staff: Hired to work for less than nine months. An exception to this is for clerical technical employees who may be hired to work up to 120 days, with a possible 60-day extension if requested.

2.2 On-call staff: Hired to work an irregular schedule of hours equating to less than half- time, or a set schedule of 19 hours or less per week with no end date

2.3 Conflict of Interest (COI): No employee shall be under the direct supervision or control of a "relative." Employment of "relatives" in the same unit or department or under the same supervisor is authorized only with the prior written approval of the head of the unit or department and the Office of the Provost or the Office of Human Resource Services, as appropriate.

2.4 Applicant Tracking System (ATS): This system is used to post positions and hire staff. 

III. Procedures

3.1  Identifying a Hiring need (Hiring Unit):

  1. Hiring Unit identifies a need to hire a TOC position and completes the new Temporary and On-Call Position Request Form. This form is submitted to the appropriate CHM-HR email specific to the hiring location (East Lansing, Grand Rapids or Flint).
    1. East Lansing-
    2. Grand
    3. Flint-
  2. If multiple hires are needed for the same position, a pool posting will be developed. (Up to 100 positions can be added in increments of 25 positions). Postings are left open for 1 year or until the 100 maximum positions are reached.
  3. If one position is needed, a single posting will be created. 

3.2 TOC Posting Process (CHM-HR): 

  1. Position gets posted and approved in the ATS
  2. The position is sourced to Careers@MSU, as well as other sources if identified in Position Request
    1. A posting number is created to identify this posting for interested applicants. CHM- HR will notify the hiring unit when the posting is active and provide the posting number.
    2. A video link can be used to help applicants with the application process. 

3.3 Managing Applicants (Hiring Unit and CHM-HR)

  1. As applicants are received, CHM-HR forwards to the Hiring Unit for review as often as preferred.
  2. Hiring Unit reviews applicants and informs CHM-HR of the desire to interview candidates, or disposition them due to one of several identified
  3. Hiring units provide interview dates to CHM-HR for updating the ATS. 

3.4 Hiring Process (Hiring Unit and CHM-HR)

  1. Hiring Unit identifies an applicant or applicants (pool posting) they would like to make an offer to.
  2. Verbal offer is followed by a written offer within the ATS.
  3. Applicant completes acceptance in the ATS and completes Data Collection
  4. CHM-HR initiates onboarding for new employee to include the following information: welcome letter with Date of Hire, I-9 collection information, background check link through HireRight, and Contingent Hire Form if determined to be needed by Central HR. Hiring Unit is copied on this communication.
  5. The new hire and supervisor will be notified when the appointment paperwork is approved.
  6. New Hire Orientation to be completed by the Hiring Unit.

The following forms are available upon request to assist with the onboarding process for hiring units:

  • Payroll Timesheet (specific to location)
  • Employee Self Service Tools Instructions to enroll for direct deposit/pay card and taxes Temp/On Call Job Titles

Revision History

1.0 - Effective date: 5/1/13 - Revised by T. Pruitt - Original 

1.1 - Effective date: 2/1/16 - Revised by L.Bell - New requirements: offer letter

1.2 - Effective date: 4/5/17 - Revised by L. Bell - Updated 3.0 Procedures: Hiring Unit Responsibilities vs. CHM HR Responsibilities; CHM-HR will notify hiring units when the new hire can begin working. Title Change: “Hiring Temporary and On-Call Support Staff for East Lansing Campus” to be specific toward the hiring process for East Lansing.

1.3 - Effetive date: 4/6/18 - Revised by L. Bell - Removed all language regarding completing paper tax and direct deposit/pay card forms – no longer available. All has to be completed through Enterprise Business System (EBS) per HR policy.

1.4 - Effective date: 10/29/20 - Revised by K. Healy, L. Bell, T. Pruitt, R. Wilson - New HR policy to post for all TOC hires. Procedures adopted to follow these changes.

Effective date: 2/15/2022 - Revised by B. Price and T. Pruitt – Link to Temporary and On-Call Position Request Form.  Added missing language to Hiring Process.