ACC/FIN-4 Vacated Faculty Positions

Effective Date: 7/1/2015
Last Revised: 7/1/2015
Responsible Party: CHM CFO
Persons Affected: CHM Departments, Department Chairs and Administrators

1.0 Policy/Purpose

Consistent with University policy and practice, general fund allocations to departments for position funding will be returned to the Dean upon faculty termination or retirement.  This is intended to prompt a discussion between the dean, chair and HOPS for the reallocation of general fund toward strategically directed initiatives.

Upon faculty termination or retirement, a calculated amount of general fund will be returned to college open funding at the beginning of the next budget year and made available to units and departments upon submission of a request for general fund faculty salary support. This request will be submitted through the Heads of Programs (HOPS) committee, with subsequent recommendation to the Dean.

2.0 Definitions

“Faculty” is defined as tenure, tenure-track, fixed term or HP faculty. 

3.0 Procedures

Upon notification of a faculty termination or retirement the Business Office will calculate the value of the general fund pull back by one of the two following methods. The Business Office will notify the Unit/Department of the calculated value via email.

Tenure/Tenure-Track/Fixed Term – An average of the last three years of faculty salary paid from general fund. In the event the three year average shows a high degree of variability, the amount recovered will default to 90% of the highest year’s funding

HP Faculty – An average of the last three years faculty salary as calculated by 1-cFTE

 * total salary.

Requests for replacement or new non-clinical faculty (Tenure/Tenure-Track/Fixed Term) positions must be made by submitting the “Heads of Programs Funding Discussion” document to the HOPS committee for review and recommendation to the Dean. New or replacement of clinical faculty (FT/HP) requests may be made directly to the Senior Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs.

Revision History

1.0 Effective date 7/1/2015 - Revised by Karen Crosby - Original