ACC/FIN-2 Local Travel & Reimbursement

Effective Date: 6-1-14
Last Revised Date: 5-1-14
Responsible Party: CHM Business Office
Persons Affected: Employees in all units of the Dean’s office.

Mileage Log 

1.0 Policy/Purpose

Employees may be expected or required to travel locally for job-related reasons.  Occasional local travel will not be reimbursed.  Local travel that is required as a frequent and essential part of the job will be reimbursed for mileage and parking fees in non-university-owned or leased parking; per diems do not apply.  Reimbursement for local travel requires maintenance of a travel log and should not be requested more than once per month.  Exceptions for unusual situations may be granted by the college's Chief Financial Officer or Associate Dean for Administration.

2.0 Definitions

  1. Local travel: Travel for work-related reason within a 15-mile radius of the employee's base work location that does not involve an overnight stay.   Examples include, but are not limited to: travel between buildings on campus; travel between employee's base work location on campus and Sparrow  Hospital; travel between Secchia Center and Pine Rest; travel to local retail outlets to purchase supplies.
  2. Frequent and essential local travel: Local travel that is required in order for the employee to perform the essential functions of the job as described in the position description.  Examples include: community outreach program specialists whose job it is to visit numerous physician offices in the community on a regular basis.

3.0 Procedures

  1. Document trip mileage on a travel log. An example of a log is included for your reference.
  2. Request mileage and parking reimbursement by completing and submitting a Disbursement Voucher in the EBS system and attach Pre-Trip authorization, Travel Expense Report, and Mileage log (or MapQuest printout).  Office of the Controller travel website:

Revision History     

1.0 Effective date 5/1/14 - Original 

Dean's office units include all units that are included under org codes 10022430, 10022681 and 10022803, i.e., do not have a separate org code, and also includes units with their own org code but for which the dean's office provides essential operational functions such as business office, human resources and faculty appointments.