Student Competence Committee


Meets 3 Monday mornings at the end of each semester, 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. via Zoom.


  • The term of office for members will be three years.
  • Members may not serve on a standing committee for more than six consecutive years.
  • Mark Rosien provides the names of Fellows of the Academy to Dr. Laird-Fick.
  • Lora McAdams assists the committee.
Elected Members Department Term Expires Term
Eran Andrechek, PhD Physiology 8/15/2025 2nd term
David Barondess, PhD Epidemiology & Biostatistics 8/15/2024 1st term
Chi Chang, PhD OMERAD 8/15/2024 1st term
Ayushma Duwadi Medicine 8/15/2026 1st term
Molly Polverento, MA Family Medicine 8/15/2024 1st term
Josh Reynolds, MD, Emergency Medicine 8/15/2025 2nd term
Barbara Thompson, PhD Pediatrics & Human Develop 8/15/2024 2nd term
VACANT 8/15/2026 1st term
Appointed Members
Omayma Alshaarawy, PhD Family Medicine 8/15/2025 2nd term
Bin Chen, PhD Pediatrics & Human Develop. 8/15/2025 2nd term
David Elwell, MD CHM Dean 8/15/2025 1st term
Kathleen Oberst, RN, PhD Health Policy 8/15/2024 1st term
Lorenzo Sempere, PhD Radiology 8/15/2025 1st term
Mukta Sharma, MD Medicine 8/15/2025 1st term
Richa Tikaria, MBBS Medicine 8/15/2025 1st term
VACANT 8/15/2026 1st term
Fellows of the Academy
Cathy Abbott, Family Med Larissa Fluegel, Ethics/Hum Anju Sawni, Pediatrics
Jamie Alan, Pharmacology Steffen Genthe, Emergency Med Maureen Schaefer, Anatomy
Dennis Arvidson, Microbio Mark Greenwood, Emergency Med Jana Simmons, Biochem
Mike Borgeld, Internal Med Kathy Keller, Family Med William Stratbucker, Peds
Cindy Boynton, Internal Med Michael Madura, Gastroent Kripa Thakur, Pediatrics
Laura Carravallah, Med/Peds Joel Maurer, OB/GYN Ryan Tubbs, Anatomy
John Cavacece, Family Med John Maurer, Internal Med Rebecca Werner, Family Med
Bridget Chin, Integrative Med James Mayle, Internal Med Leigh Anne White, Psychiatry
Harrietta Christodolous, Peds Emily Miller, Peds ShaMelle White, Peds
Brian Decker, Family Medicine Al Moeller, Surgery Erika Williams, Physiology
Mark Ensberg, Geriatrics Sumgdha Rayamajhi, Internal Med
Staff Representatives
Heather Laird-Fick, MD Director of Assessment in the Shared Discovery Curriculum
Rob Malinowski, PhD/DVM Associate Director of Assessment in the Shared Discovery Curriculum
Robin DeMuth, MD Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education The instructor of record for all college courses within the Shared Discovery Curriculum is the chair of the Student Competence Committee. There are 48 committee members: thirty- two (32) fellows of the Academy appointed by the director of the Academy for annually renewable terms, eight (8) members elected by the faculty at large for three-year terms, and eight (8) faculty members appointed by the dean for balancing committee composition. Representatives from the Offices of Assessment and Academic Achievement and the administrative support person as designated by the dean serve as ex officio non-voting members of the committee.