Research Committee

Meetings: Arranged by committee.

Support provided by: Laura Foley


  • The committee will be supported by the assistant to the Senior Associate Dean for Research.
  • The term of office for members will be two years.
  • Members may not serve on a standing committee for more than six consecutive years.     The Committee on Research shall be composed of four (4) faculty members elected at large, one (1) faculty member appointed by the dean in consultation with the College Advisory Council, and one (1) graduate student enrolled in a graduate degree program in the college. 

Elected Members Department Term Expires Term
Scott Counts, PhD Translational Neuroscience 8/15/2024 1st term
Marcia Gordon, PhD Translational Neuroscience 8/15/2024 2nd term
Nicole Jones, PhD, MS Charles Stewart Mott Department of Public Health 8/15/2024 1st term
Ling Wang, MS, PhD Medicine 8/15/2025 1st term
Appointed Member
Dohun Pyeon Microbiology & Molecular Genetics 8/15/2024 2nd term
Graduate Student Member
Dean’s Office Representatives
Nara Parameswaran, PhD Senior Associate Dean for Research
Jeff MacKeigan, PhD Assistant Dean for Research
Office of Research Representative
Joan Ilardo, PhD, MSW (ex-officio)