2022 Leadership Committee Minutes


  • Introductions were made for Mike Lewis, Interim Chair of Anesthesiology, Interim Chair, Tim Zacharewski of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Arlynn Dailey, Director of Detroit Community Engagement & Outreach and Mark Delano, Chair of Radiology.

MSU WorkLife Office – Director Jaimie Hutchinson and Rachel Perez, Life Span Services Coordinator

  • Highlighted the support and outreach this organization offers to faculty, staff, specialists, administrators, and post docs located in the HR benefits system:
    • family care
    • workplace assistance and wellness
    • community and campus connections
    • career transitions
    • welcome sessions for newcomers, relocation, etc.
    • referral source for resources
    • assists in visiting final round of interviewees for recruitment purposes
    • offer educational sessions for units/departments – please request a workshop!
    • remote and flex work guidance
  • Website is highly utilized https://worklife.msu.edu/
  • Benefits include backup dependent care including elderly care and assistance for spouses for job searches, volunteer opportunities, etc.
  • October 20th Whole Person Workplace presented by author Scott Behson 9-11:30am - Register for this free virtual event https://worklife.msu.edu/events/2022-worklife-conference
  • Encouraged to take Qualtrics survey for feedback at this link and don’t hesitate to reach out.

Dean’s Update - Aron

  • Pleased with LCME work teams addressing concerns of the student independence assessment. Andrea and her team are moving the student nerd cave from the Radiology basement to the Clinical Center. This is a great example of what enthusiasm and fresh eyes can accomplish.
  • Carol Parker sent out principles and policies regarding facilities and space. As a result, the dean’s office is reorganized in Fee Hall with more improvements to come.
  • The floor at the Doug Meijer Medical Innovation Building (DMMIB) in GR is almost complete with access and technology needing to be finalized.
  • Carol and team are working on the Flint Journal Building (FJB) addition with designs expected to be completed this semester and groundbreaking next semester. Wayne and his committee are working to complete job postings and Aron will join him at the APHA conference to support this recruitment effort for 18 new faculty to fill this space.
  • Trying to engage academic governance around large issues such as new departments. The proposed Charles Stewart Mott Public Health Department has a meeting next week with UCFA, and then will present to the Faculty Senate which will allow it to come before the December Board of Trustee meeting for endorsement. We look forward to beginning chair recruitment shortly after approval.
  • Last month, the CAC received four submissions for new departments: dermatology, pathology, otolaryngology, and radiation oncology. This month we are submitting two more for consideration and discussion, neurosurgery and urology. These departments are mostly formed out of faculty at HFH. Mike Lewis is working with faculty to establish bylaws which will enable a chair search for anesthesiology. This is the largest effort toward expanding departments in the college since our founding and reflects how we engage the scope and scale of HFH to change how the world thinks and recognizes MSU.
  • Visited India with Henry Ford’s innovation group and visited hospitals, the India Institute of Technology in Delhi, politicians, and potential educational partners; there are many reasons for follow up conversations and visits. India is changing rules around activities for foreign educational entities in the country which makes it possible for MSU to have students in India, and there is a broad range of opportunities for many in addition to medicine.
  • This same group is taking our EVP to visit Israel in a few months. The HFH Innovation Group is a vehicle for people to develop ideas and Mike Lewis gave a shout out to this group and the potential advantage and alignment with HFH and MSU.

Fall Planning

  • Aron is a member of an advisory panel for the university’s new budgetary system and unofficially, we are expecting an announcement in November that instead of the traditional fall planning letter, the process will take the form of strategic planning discussions with requests for building an all-funds budget concept in January if all goes well.
  • Higher list of priorities include:
    • Filling the leased space on the 5th Floor of DMMIB with 14 PI’s. Think of how you can engage in this issue, even if you are not based in GR.
    • There is plenty of funding for hiring faculty in Flint; however, startup costs will be an issue and we are thinking of how to solve this challenge.
    • There is funding for hiring HFH cancer/science researchers, but we need to figure out how to liberate the funds. If you have a proposal or ways on how to engage in a national cancer institute designation at Henry Ford, please submit them.
    • Aron has concerns with finding resources to invest in Lansing. Thinking of strategic needs on how to engage with hospital partners and greater university.
  • Budget will roll up to Lisa Frace from Provost and OHS.
  • ARPA dollars discussed with no real direction until after the election.

Strategic Planning Update

  • There is a series of pillars such as student success, faculty success, community engagement including clinical and research, etc. Of the 11-12 goals established, 5 or 6 are aimed at health equity. Current conversations center on discussing if these are the final goals, as well as what are the strategies, metrics and do we want to have a grand challenge around health equity. The goal is to finalize the plan to go through academic governance and approved by end of the year.
  • Watch for the announcement of the implementation of the 1964 Project and submit proposals.

Other Topics

  • Discussed Sparrow layoffs. We are trying to help through Medicaid Enhancement Reimbursements (MER) and reinstated a GME contract they terminated in July. Dave Kaufman is working with Sparrow and has made progress since July. Just about every hospital is facing economic challenges. Reminded the group of Friday’s Precision Health Symposium.


  • Introductions were made for Karl Olson, Interim Chair Physiology, Mark Delano, new incoming Chair of Radiology; Sri Kavuturu, Interim Chair of Surgery, David Lyon, Interim Director for Division of Psychiatry & Behavioral Medicine and guests Melanie Trowbridge, HR for Office of Health Sciences and Melissa Sortman, Director Faculty & Academic Staff Affairs.

UNTF Contract – Melissa Sortman

  • Summary of Changes for 2022-2026 Collective Bargaining Tentative Agreement reviewed
  • Strategic goals for faculty success, recognition of excellence in teaching and teaching-focused faulty were presented.
  • There is a commitment to align inequities.
  • It was discussed that promotion of fixed-term research faculty needs attention and sub-committee will be created to address this area.
  • Melissa and Melanie are both happy are talk about issues with units in ways to support leadership and development.

Strategic Planning Update

  • The five or six teams are in final work group meetings with the entire group scheduled next week to try to prioritize and narrow down the number of goals.
  • Should have a Strategic Plan in September or October.

Henry Ford Visit Follow-up

  • Approximately 30 people met with our personnel and participated in a networking lunch and toured IQ/Radiopharmacy and FRIB.
  • Aron visited HFH chairs the next day and people were excited, impressed and delighted from their visit.
  • Chris received enthusiastic follow up calls including Charles Day from Ortho Chair to discuss orthopedic research and they are planning a visit to EL in October.
  • Jeff and HFH members discussed the HFH/MSU recruitment for a cancer director search and dreaming of hosting the 2023 symposium at the Spartan Stadium.
  • Anna mentioned HFH folks reaching out for information on NIH administrative supplement support cancer disparity collaborative research applications. The purpose of this grant is to promote new cancer disparity research for investigators to team up and submit as partnerships.

LCME Update – Andrea

  • Reviewed eight themes as people may be approached by groups to have discussions on these topics:
    • Research – we need to improve the student experience
    • Communication – student feedback highlighted our system is ineffective; we discovered this is a national concern
    • Basic Science - student feedback reveals they are not as satisfied as we thought and suggest incorporating more skills in early curriculum – our hope is to hire more educators in this field.
    • ECE Academic Support – trying to help students receive additional support with the main goal of decreasing the number of students needing to delay due to Step 1.
    • Student Support – mainly involves the Office of Student Affairs, offering financial support and career mentoring by tapping into alumni database to find mentors, etc.
    • Debt and Tuition – thinking of scholarship support and ways to keep students on trajectory to minimize delays which cost more.
    • Space – EL students are not as happy with their space as GR students and trying to improve this situation.
    • Diversity – trying to continue to develop faculty and mentorship pool which better matches student body diversity and provide support to those students we recruit in deliberate way.
  • Task groups have been formed for each of these eight areas to develop and institute plans and develop assessments to measure these plans with a goal of improved outcomes prior to LCME team’s arrival.
  • Materials will be submitted mid-December.
  • Geri Kelly is gathering points of pride for our upcoming LCME visit. Please click this Qualtrics link to add your unit’s pride

Dean’s Update - Aron

  • Sri agreed to be the responsible administrator for the Department of Surgery.
  • Thanked Jack for all his work on the 75+ sustainable health proposals for OHS and CHM.
  • Thanked those who will be participating in the OHS extravaganza as he will be unable to attend.
  • Getting close to language to release for 1964 Proposal (like 1855 Professors) increasing scholarship in fields that will support DEI.
  • We closed on the advancement portfolio ending in June with a phenomenal $41M raised for scholarships. We raised more than any other MSU unit except for the entertainment division. Appreciate when making faculty available to talk to donors about work/projects as it has significant impact.


Dean's Update

  • Announced and introduced Andrea Wendling as our new SADAA.
  • President Stanley joins next month’s Leadership Meeting for 15 minutes.
  • Attended an Investiture reception for 2021 honorees this week and looking forward to the full regalia fall event for 2022 faculty.
  • April 15 Town Hall will focus on remote work policies and during the April 22 Town Hall, he will revisit his dean’s talk and share his vision and future of the college.
  • EVP has presented the request of transitioning the Division of Public Health to a department to the university’s steering committee and so it proceeds through academic governance, championed by Jack Lipton and Wayne McCullough.
  • Met with Ridgway on the status of the C.S. Mott Foundation gift and reports the funding for building expansion is intact. February is slated for start of construction.
  • College To Do highlights:
    • Chair searches and hires
    • Associate Dean of Administration
    • Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs
    • Additional budget office staff hires
    • 1964 Project (diversity)
    • Quarterly department meetings
    • Follow every dollar exercise
    • Chair/Director retreats schedule quarterly
  • Aron thanked Dianne Wagner and recognized her work, loyalty, and dedication over the decades- she will be missed.

Remote Work Policy - Nara

  • Attending training sessions as are department administrators.
  • University is not giving guidance; however, asking units to create clear policies and procedures that are equitable.
  • Leadership will have meetings to discuss ideas, best practices, and consider a set of principles for overall guidance.
  • Pros and cons discussed regarding a remote work friendly college:
    • Best practices
    • Recruitment and retention, important and economically beneficial
    • Principle grid suggested
    • Zoom parallel with engagement (communication expectations)
    • Culture is key
    • Faculty and staff separate policy as there are union rules for staff
    • Flexibility and focus on job tasks rather than classifications
    • Infrastructure needed to support (IT, point person/function)
    • Remote work should be encouraged where valuable
    • Understanding disadvantages/benefits and create goals to minimize disadvantages
    • Childcare principles to be considered
    • Mindful of inequity grievances
    • Work should be distributed fairly
    • Job descriptions up to date and expectations highlighted
    • Geographic inclusiveness
    • Space management
    • Employ College of Communications Arts Science for evidence-based practices

Strategic Planning - Aron/Carol

  • Spending more time on data collected to this point.
  • Consultants and partners have been great on collecting information, offering feedback.
  • As a result of recent dean appointment to include Aron’s specific topics, will extend planning timeline by six weeks.
  • The people not able to join the core task force have been invited and now working in sub-committees and gratitude was expressed for everyone’s efforts and time.

LCME - Dianne

  • Final documents due December 27 or sooner.
  • March 18, 2023, which is the Monday after Match week is targeted for the site visit.
  • Students working on Independent Student Analysis (ISA) which is independent work from a college standpoint.
  • Data Collection Instrument involves 12 standards with multiple elements; work groups taking these drafts and giving excellent feedback on what is clear, or unclear. This will create the executive summaries identifying strengths and improvement strategies.


Josh Kooistra, Associate Dean - Spectrum Health, who is helping coordinate an academic partnership with Spectrum Health, was welcomed.

International Travel – Chris Daniel Director of Global Health, Safety and Security

  • The department representatives gave an overview of their comprehensive support resources for travelers highlighting the travel waiver process, recommendations for insurance, security risks, COVID data, vaccine mandates, travel tips, etc.
  • Attached PowerPoint contains useful links and phone numbers for this 24/7 service at globalsafety@msu.edu or call 517-884-2174.
  • An email outlining the application process for international travel was sent to each department’s administrator. Brad Kline is the conduit for approval processes.

Retreat Concept – Claudia

  • Polled attendees to see if an off-site retreat is possible and input for a successful structure.

Flint and CS Mott Department of Public Health - Aron

  • Part of the $25M gift is matching and we continue to raise funds.
  • Goal is 12 named professorships; 18 tenured positions total. Hiring begins when we understand the timing for space.
  • Positions will be well-placed with statewide collaborations from GR to EL to Benton Harbor to other rural communities; our Detroit collaboration is another opportunity to expand community based participatory, meaningful research.
  • New proforma switches to GR model where 50% supports space/security/etc. in Flint.
  • The division has a proposal to transition to a department in front of the CAC February 8; the proposal has been sent to other colleges as there is an assurance portion for academic governance. President and EVP highly supportive of the proposal.
  • Mott is working on funding pieces and will submit a lease for trustee approval.
  • 40,000 sq ft addition is proposed.
  • This is an opportunity to recruit physician scientists to Flint and partner with other researchers focused on public health.

Henry Ford - Walt, Nara, Eileen

  • Several people have flowed through the appointment process and starting to work with clinicians engaging in education programs this summer.
  • Of 99 applications, 13 appointed, remainder are in different stages of due process. Slower than anticipated.
  • Chairs discussed glitches and the delicate dance of maintaining relationships.
  • Clarity on voting rights was discussed. Link offered for reference.
  • Faculty participation with grad students/program discussed. GR campus department chairs coordinated recruitment of grad students and it does require programmatic effort.
  • Steve emphasized HF willing to spend stipends as faculty want to be part of the educational experience, give lectures, and participate in more interaction.
  • HF wishes to be recognized by CHM and view each other as primary partners with access to any clinical translational tissue bank work. In return they relish pre-clinical, basic and epidemiology work opportunities in AI machine learning, precision health, etc. that don’t often get applied to patient care. HF has the clinical experience to connect to more robust academic pursuits at MSU. Need guidance on what this will take.
  • Discussed if reverse appointments are needed and Steve will check.

Strategic Planning

  • First meeting with the core task force was held and have started data gathering.
  • Usual process of this planning involves a permanent dean; however due to LCME timeline, Henry Ford partnership, community growth, MSU strategic plan and DEI strategic planning are other reasons why we’re starting now.
  • Goal is to have a plan completed by July.
  • The people not chosen for the core task force will be asked to join working groups.


  • Sent requests for participation on work groups and appreciate those who are agreeing to do extra work. These groups will convene in March-June meeting twice a month to review initial materials from the data collection instrument (DCI) and will ultimately create a self-study document. Final materials due December 27, 2022, for a mid-March 2023 site visit.
  • If you would like to add an assistant of faculty member to participate on your behalf, please reach out. Lisa Galbavi will be setting the schedule for the task force by end of the week. Orientation will be recorded and available.
  • We are trying to determine policy consistency across the college and need to know if the description provided holds true in your department. If not applicable, list as N/A; bullet points are great when completing the documentation.
  • Independent Student Analysis (ISA) is completely hands off from college standpoint. We provide support for data crunching; however, the college doesn’t contribute.


Dean's Update

  • Town Hall topic Friday, January 7 is COVID with Keith English as the panelist.
  • Jamila Power introduced and is our new Lansing Community Assistant Dean.
  • COVID update
    • Spartan Spit running at 12% positivity rate.
    • Goal to promote Spartan Stadium for diagnostic/clinical testing.
  • Clinic checks
    • Working under modified operations with less staff.
    • Anticipating staff will at some point get COVID. People are fatigued as this is 4th
    • Expanding telehealth support and looking at innovative ways for in-hospital usage to help alleviate staff stress.
    • Dean’s Advisory Committee on Diversity has first meeting scheduled.
  • Teaching during COVID - Department of Epidemiology asked faculty to find back-ups if ill to give access to D2L and take over glasses to teach. It has been working and wanted to share this idea as faculty absences will increase.
  • 1855 Professorships
    • Result of DEI submissions to Provost
    • Dawn, Wayne, and Vic’s proposals were selected, although details are vague. There may be more opportunities like this in the future.
    • Proposals accepted had multiple college partnerships; some colleges put up funds of their own as well. Good collaborative opportunity for recruitment.
    • The sense is to build upon established successes, cluster hires, etc. for One Health.
  • Donor announcement January 26.
  • Fall Planning
    • No 1% cuts
    • The dean’s office will send a Narrative Report request which for Chairs to respond in six areas. Send finished documents to Brian Jespersen.
    • Additional fall planning includes Programmatic Planning directed to department administrators to complete.
    • New requests will be complicated by impending new deanship.
  • Strategic Planning
    • Task Force being formed.
    • Consultants are finalizing questions for data collection purposes.
  • Culture of Caring “Wisdom of Trauma” movie is accessible for viewing now through January 24 with a town hall on January 26.