2018 Leadership Committee Minutes


Culture of Safety Goals - Aron Sousa

  • Aron will ask chairs and directors to decide on a goal for creating a Culture of Safety in their respective units. The goal will need metrics and follow up. Safety is broadly construed to include civility, openness, but also traditional safety.

OMERAD Knowledge to Action Faculty Development Program and Citation Counts - Mike Brown

  • Purpose of this pilot program is to facilitate implementation of work in clinical arenas to demonstrate an academic institution can add value
  • Goal is to improve health of our communities, bring value to hospital partners, increase opportunities for scholarship
  • Ian Graham, PhD, an international leader, will facilitate this series
  • By September 1, Chairs/Directors are to designate a faculty member, ideally someone passionate about a particular clinical issue, to attend all five sessions
  • Citation counts are part of the department five-year review and Scopus offers the most reliable data match; reviewing annually is helpful

7 Habits Pilot Leadership Group - Lou Candiotti

  • All Chairs/Directors and their lead administrators are invited to attend a workshop in Grand Rapids on September 27-28, 2018
  • Purpose is to learn if 7 Habits can serve as cultural norm for relating with one another and our partners

Diversity and Inclusion: Path to Intentionality - Wanda Lipscomb

  • By establishing an Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion it will connect diversity programs, groups and activities in a more intentional way - growth areas were identified
  • The office will be based in Grand Rapids
  • An Equity and Inclusion Leadership Council is being created to produce a unified vision
  • Training will be offered to improve inclusive learning environments
  • Work team members needed - please contact Wanda if interested

Leadership Search Updates - Aron Sousa

  • Received several outstanding applicants for Ethics & Humanities in the Life Sciences director position; continue to solicit applications and candidates will be interviewed in the fall

Dean’s Update - Norm Beauchamp

  • In restructuring the organization to better align the health team to support our efforts in clinical care, we are clearly under-resourced. There is work underway filling the gaps to support our practitioners. Highlights:
    • Hired Chief Nursing Officer, Val Williams, who is doing a nice job with policies, procedures and training
    • Using the Willis Towers Watson report, we have implemented 93% of the processes across this 12-point Gantt chart
    • Adding ten additional psychiatric service counselors for students as part of Culture of Safety
    • Proposing to the BOT to take the practice plan health team independent, forming an LLC, allowing us to partner with for-profit associates and health systems to create more revenue and support our mission and faculty; very proud working as a team with COM and CON deans on this initiative
    • Brought in a Harvard group to oversee a robust peer review process
    • Explained interface efforts to make the OIE and Title IX a more vigorous group; created a new triage system with representatives from both colleges, HR, OIE, legal, and Associate Provost’s office to respond to allegations within a 24-hour period and make a determination. External reviewers alleviates stress on system, less time in limbo. We’re being contacted by other colleges needing greater rigor to their systems following this successful model
    • Thanked everyone for their leadership and acknowledged a culture of support is necessary to nurture one another as leaders
  • Introduced Dr. Claudia Finkelstein, Director of Wellness, Resiliency, and Support for the Vulnerable who has the expertise to lead a supportive structure for our students, our patients and us. Reach out to Claudia if you’re feeling stressed, exhausted, etc. Norm will also offer names of people to visit her to have conversations
  • Kim Ward, CABS, is working across health affairs coordinating public announcements emphasizing positive and rewarding work being conducted - she is working in conjunction with Geri Kelly and her efforts
  • Recognized Henry Barry as recipient of Michigan Family Medicine Educator of the Year; Andrea Wendling received the Rural Health Professional of the Year Award; 4th year student, Freddie Hetzel, will represent all medical students nationally on an AAMC advisory committee; acknowledged faculty awardees Lee Anne Roman, Anas Al-Janadi, Kavitha Kesari, Jonathan Gold and Nigel Paneth for their dedication to research, teaching and patient care; Hend Azhary received the Hero of the Year Award from the Syrian American Medical Association and is enthusiastic to partner with others; Mona Hanna-Attisha’s book “What the Eyes Don’ts See” made Oprah’s summer reading list and announced the CHM Alumni Board is coordinating philanthropic outreach by asking faculty and community for donations to support the white coat ceremony and finally, acknowledged Ash Mansour’s role as a Spectrum Health CEO search committee member
  • Submitted an article, along with seven other deans, talking about imperatives to create a culture change in higher education; received positive feedback on ability to self-exam and ownership
  • TSMM, EPI, Pharm Tox, Medicine, Occupational Med and Pediatrics submitted grant awards and publications
  • As efforts amplify with McLaren, he has been vigilant in reaching out to Sparrow Hospital to strengthen, reassure and build this partnership

Next meeting is October 4, 2018


“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.  - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dean Update

  • Discussed Associate Provost role and activities addressing effectiveness and structure of three health colleges and HealthTeam:
    • He and Tony Avellino, Chief Medical Officer, are moving quickly to secure a Chief Nursing Office to focus on safety and quality
    • Chaperone policy fully implemented
    • Establishing organizational structure of compliance, HR, and outreach with mechanisms for speaking up, reporting, and instituting clear accountability
    • Work flow of Title IX interactions will be shared
  • Reviewed conversations with health partners in Grand Rapids and East Lansing further identifying areas of partnership; creating proposals for a standard of health and well-being
  • He is a consultant on search committee for new CEO for Spectrum Health.
  • Dean of COM has called for an external review of their college to review culture and address challenges; once generated, the report will be shared with CHM.
  • Norm has the results of our external review, which he will share during the Shared Governance group retreat for feedback later this month
  • Match went well – a testament to everyone’s hard work!

Name Change

  • Reviewed survey results from staff, CAC, DSAC, and Alumni discussion forums. Highlights of discussion:
    • We haven’t had the opportunity to engage in conversations to make a decision
    • If decision is made to change, what do we change to
    • Process is rushed; left with struggle to change due to optics
    • Changing one component of three colleges doesn’t fit with realignment of mission
    • Not a good rationale for name change; Engler needs to make a more compelling case
    • Expense and distraction
    • Data equivocal – need refinement
    • Why the rush; driven by crisis management or by a long-term strategy
    • Rebranding for the future – are we clear on our vision and mission
  • Norm will take suggestions to the President and will communicate message to the group

Finance and Budget – Karen Crosby

  • Karen acknowledged appreciation meeting with the chairs, learning about departments, and having meaningful dialogue
  • Reviewed financials including rolling budget plan, total sources of revenue, strategic initiatives and steps taken to reduce the rate of reserve reduction
  • Positive news involves University’s investment in our clinical operations, forecasted research expansion to peak FY19, and new strategic partnerships with external stakeholders
  • Estimate $3M investment across the board to bolster the HealthTeam into an effective organization
  • In the absence of external funds flow, efforts to maximize revenue are extremely important to our growth; when we lose reserves, we lose a voice in University decision-making

Office of Intuitional Equity (OIE) Unit Response to Reported Incidents – Barbara Forney

  • Clarified reporting process when a clinician/faculty/staff member is involved
  • When OIE receives a report, they try to contact Academic HR (AHR)/Office of Employee Relations (OER) within two business days to identify the appropriate college, dean, chairperson, or school director to contact
  • If you are notified, follow all reporting processes, labor contracts, disciplinary procedures as well as mandatory reporting protocols in the Relationship Violence and Sexual Misconduct (RSVM) Policy
  • Determine if respondent is affiliated with internal/external entities through their employment with MSU who may also need to be notified. If allegation involves minors, determine any current involvement with minors.  Consult with AHR/OER and possibly General Counsel (OGC) regarding appropriate interim measures and provide individual with available support resources – Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Monitor work environment to ensure reported behavior and retaliation is not occurring; remain compliant with relevant policies and labor contracts. Leadership may consult with AHR/HR/OIE for advice on navigating work place challenges during an investigation (impact on department, office gossip, etc.)
  • If there is not a formal investigation, still consult with AHR/OER to determine appropriate actions. If OIE completes a formal investigation, a unit leader receives a report; consult with OIE/AHR/OER and OGC to determine appropriate actions. If no violation is found, you may still want to take action for other work rule or policy violations
  • Barbara stressed confidentiality
  • Study this as a unit director!

Five-Year Department Review Process – Norm Beauchamp

  • Drive by Daniel H. Pink - “When we make progress and get better at something, it is inherently motivating. In order for people to make progress, they have to get feedback and information on how they're doing.”
  • Discussed the goal of making this process valuable for improvement, and allowing people to thrive; draft processes, procedures, creation of a review team, data collection and report format reviewed
  • Departments due for review with the goal of completion by November 5, 2018:
    • Physiology
    • Pediatrics and Human Development
    • Emergency Medicine
    • Translational Sciences and Molecular Medicine
  • Going forward, October – March is the timeline for department reviews

Next meeting is May 3, 2018


“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dean Update

  • Congratulated the college on being awarded Health Care Newsmaker of the Year which was sponsored by the Grand Rapids Business Journal at a ceremony on Thursday. He spoke about the opportunity to put forward the message of healing to about 600 community attendees.
  • After much discussion, the group provided the following ideas on enforcing policies, improving communication, offering assistance, finding clarity, move to action and are encouraged to contribute to cultureofsafety@hc.msu.edu:
    • Address societal approach to assist people who have afflictions – offer resources
    • Change our system which currently protects those with bad behavior
    • Empower everyone to recognize problems and discuss without fear of retribution
    • Use first names to eliminate hierarchy
    • Eliminate the culture of silence
    • Create an independent third party for reporting/analyzing data/recommendations
    • Increase counselors for students
    • Communicate with communities at large and measure improvements
    • Drive initiatives – make actions public
    • Need OIE closure with simple follow-up for reporters
    • Create/wear ribbon (teal) with laminated pocket cards to open discussions
    • PR campaign needed
    • Formal apology
    • Craft a mass message for students in mind and help them craft messages to respond to their family, friends, community
    • Hold face to face discussions opportunities and include staff, listen to feedback
    • Collect data to help address issues
    • Establish a website for people to give opinions
    • Unify, coordinate, align reporting lines with HealthTeam, COM, CHM, CON
    • Alums are ambassadors and craft a clean, clear message for a broader audience
    • Take to national arena with a coordinated effort with Big 10; get to the forefront
    • Focus on scholarship opportunity and be the national leader with 360 vision
    • Encourage university to make investment for scientific research
    • Structure has failed, what’s different, how do we know it works


  • Debra Furr-Holden to invite colleague to speak on sexual abuse and pertinent scholarships
  • Randi Stanulis to invite guest to talk about assault experiences and possibly create task force/committee. Partner with Vance Kincaid as he has volunteered to speak.

Next meeting is April 5, 2018