2021 Dean's Staff Advisory Committee Minutes

December 16

Present: Julie Bergstrom, Sarah Enlow, Candace Heeringa, Nathan Kuhn, Anne Leiby-McMahon, Holly Nysse, Lisa Pasbjerg Kellie Sisson, Harmony VanValkenberg, Angie Zell

  • Carol Parker, PhD, MPH Assistant Dean for Program Evaluation and Continuous Quality Improvement, joined to talk about the Strategic Planning Committee that is forming. The committee is forming due to the LCME visit in March 2023. A consultant has been hired to help gather data to bring back to committee. The goal of the group will be to work on a vision for the future with a strategic plan with measurable outcomes. The committee will ideally have 20-24 members and will contain a diverse group of people. The committee will also have sub-committees. Members of the Dean’s Staff Advisory may self-nominate for consideration by emailing Lisa Pasbjerg by noon on Friday, December 17. In addition, you can nominate someone outside of our group that would be a good fit. Those selected will start meeting as soon as the new year. Meetings will be over Zoom or may be a one-day retreat. Those interested should consider that the meetings will have pre-work.
  • Meeting minutes from the November 18th meeting were approved.
  • Recap of December 14th meeting with Interim Dean, Aron Sousa. Minutes from that meeting will be included with minutes from December 16th
  • Items to think about for our next meeting:
    • Should we have sub-committees? If so, it is suggested we start small with 2. Harmony suggested a remote work group and staff engagement group.
    • The student group sends a delegate to the CAC as a non-speaking guest. Is this something our group should look into?

Action Items

  • Harmony will send Team’s link to Dr. Sousa to be included in next Dean’s Update email.
  • Melissa to invite Dr. Lipscomb to future meeting to discuss diversity and how we can engage and become a more diverse group.
  • Candi will connect with Lisa on a newsletter for our group.
  • Holly will connect with Faith Peterson on whether our meeting minutes could be shared on the CHM Staff Teams.

November 3

Present: Lisa Pasbjerg, Nathan Kuhn, Sarah Enlow, Melissa Kacos, Heather Hazzard, Candi Heeringa, Angie Zell, Holly Nysse

  • Dean’s Search Update
    • The Dean’s Staff Advisory is invited to meet the candidates for the CHM Dean search. Lisa will send out emails with information, please respond quickly so Lisa can report back on who will attend. One candidate meeting already occurred. We have 30 minutes with the candidate and spend the time talking about our committee, doing introductions, and asking questions. We ask how candidate would involve our committee and use us as a resource. Future candidates will meet on the following dates, sometime between 2-5pm.
    • Nov 4, Nov 16, Nov 18, Nov 24
  •  Goals for this year
    • How can we better represent the staff and connect with staff? Perhaps we could invite Dr. Wanda Lipscomb is to speak to our group on this topic.
    • Do we need to change the way members are selected? We do need to have our process in the bylaws. Should all the staff be able to vote? In the current process, people apply and the active committee members select. Is our current process representative? How do we reach out to get more interest? Quarterly newsletters? How can we let staff know we are here and available to bring issues to the Dean.

Action Items

  • Doodle poll to get a regular meeting on the calendar. Heather sent out 11/4/2021.
  • Bios needed for new members and updated bio sheet needs to be created. All bios are in. Heather will create bio sheet.
  • Set up meeting with Interim Dean Sousa. Lisa has contacted Cynthia Vincent- waiting for dates.
  • Reach out to Dr. Lipscomb once we have regular meetings set to get on our agenda.