Curriculum Committee


Fourth Tuesday of each month from 1-3 p.m., Zoom.
Staff support provided by Lisa Galbavi


  • The term of office for members will be three years.
  • Members may not serve on a standing committee for more than six consecutive years.
  • Ex-officio members can serve as voting members. Once their term as a voting member is over, they become an ex-officio member.
  • See CHM Bylaws for committee description and composition
Elected Members Department Term Expires Term
Cindy Arvidson, PhD Microbiology 8/15/2025 2nd term
Laura Freidhoff, MD OMERAD 8/15/2026 1st term
Daniel Isaac, MS, DO Medicine 8/15/2026 1st term
Megan Quinlan, MD Family Medicine 8/15/2025 1st term
Angela Thompson-Busch, MD, PhD OMERAD 8/15/2026 1st term
Appointed Members
Modupe Awonuga, MD Pediatrics 8/15/2026 2nd term
Sumugdha Rayamajhi, MD Medicine 8/15/2025 1st term
Student Representatives
Jailyn Hicks – LCE 8/15/2024
Cordelia Tuan – MCE 8/15/2024
Elected Curricular Design Group Members
Len Fleck, PhD – MCE Center for Ethics 8/15/2025 2nd term
Katherine Keller, DO – Intersessions Dean’s Office 8/15/2025 1st term
David, Scheeres, MD – LCE Surgery 8/15/2026 1st term
Helga Toriello, PhD – ECE 8/15/2025 1st term
Ex-Officio Members with Voice but no Vote
Andrea Wendling, MD Senior Associate Dean, Academic Affairs (Executive Vice Chair)
Jennifer Edwards-Johnson, DO, MPH (Interim) Associate Dean, Community Academic Programs
Wanda Lipscomb, PhD Associate Dean, Student Affairs
Robin DeMuth, MD Associate Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education
Heather Laird Fick, MD, MPH Assistant Dean, Accreditation and Program Evaluation
Amber Heard-Booth, PhD (Interim) Assistant Dean, Admissions
Brad Riley, MD Assistant Dean, Clinical Experiences
Jon Gold, MD Director, CHM Academy
Amy Greenberg, MEd (Interim) Director, Clinical Experiences
Migdalisel Colon-Berlingeri, PhD Director, Early Clinical Experience
Currently Serving as voting member Director, Intersessions
Kimberly Mitcham, DO Director, Late Clinical Experience
Currently Serving as voting member Director, Middle Clinical Experience
David Buzanoski, MD Rep. of the Community Assistant Deans
Amy Greenberg, MEd Rep. of the Evaluation/Faculty Development Program
Rebecca Schein, MD (term ends spring 2024) CHM Rep. to the University Committee on Curriculum