Continuing Medical Education Committee

Staff Representatives

Stacey Pylman, CME Director, and meeting coordinator for the committee

Ryan Handy, CME Program Coordinator


Arranged quarterly.


The term of office for elected members will be two years.

Members may not serve on a standing committee for more than six consecutive years. The Continuing Medical Education Committee (CME) shall be composed of six (6) elected faculty members and up to three (3) medical students elected by their peers.

Elected Members Department Term Expires Term
Todd Chassee, MD Emergency Medicine 8/15/2024 1st term
Mark Ensberg, MD Family Medicine 8/15/2025 1st term
Lalitha Gundamraj, MD Pediatrics & Human Development 8/15/2024 2nd term
Maximiliano Tamae Kakazu, MD Medicine 8/15/2025 2nd term
Prakash Khanal, MD Medicine 8/15/2025 1st term
Sathyanarayan Sudhanthar, MD – Chair Pediatrics & Human Development 8/15/2024 3rd term
MCE Student Representatives Term Expires
Camryn McIntyre 8/15/2025
Samantha Shook 8/15/2025
Seraphima Sidhom 8/15/2025