Conflict of Interest Committee

A conflict of interest exists when an individual's financial interests or other opportunities for tangible personal benefit may compromise, or reasonably appear to compromise, the independence of judgment with which the individual performs his/her responsibilities at the University.

The University's Faculty Conflict of Interest Policy sets forth the process for reporting and managing faculty conflicts of interest. Pursuant to that process, each faculty member is responsible for disclosing his/her own conflicts of interest. All faculty and academic staff must annually complete the Michigan State University Conflict of Interest disclosure, even if no outside financial relationships exist. The most current information can be found on the Conflict of Interest at MSU website at

The College of Human Medicine (CHM) policy applies to individuals appointed through the academic personnel system for whom the CHM is their lead college, all CHM students, and all residents affiliated with CHM. The CHM policy is intended to complement existing university, college, and affiliated institution conflict of interest policies. If there is a conflict among those policies, the more stringent standard applies.

The charge to the Conflict of Interest Committee is to implement the approved Conflict of Interest Policy of the college. The committee receives reports, approves management plans, and adjudicates concerns. The committee makes its recommendations to the dean. The committee also serves as a forum for the generation, receipt, and discussion of policy recommendations regarding conflict of interest in the college.


Scheduled as needed.


  • The term of office for members will be two years.
  • Members may not serve on a standing committee for more than six consecutive years. The Conflict of Interest Committee shall be composed of five (5) faculty members. Four (4) of the faculty will be elected at large: two (2) faculty members will be clinical faculty, and two (2) faculty members will be non-clinical faculty. The fifth faculty member will be appointed by the dean to provide balance to the committee.  

Elected Members Department Term Expires Term
Jim Anthony, PhD Epidemiology & Biostatistics 8/15/2025 2nd term
Daniel Campbell, PhD Pediatrics & Human Development 8/15/2024 2nd term
Ryan Thomas, MD Pediatrics & Human Development 8/15/2025 1st term
Ahmad Abu Limon, MD*
  *Completed term for Sascha Drewlo
Medicine 8/15/2024 1st term
Appointed Member Department Term Expires Term
VACANT 8/15/2025 1st term
Staff Representatives
Ade Olomu, MD Interim Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
Kelly Hodges Director of Faculty Development & Mentoring Programs, Faculty Affairs & Staff Administration
Staci Howard Faculty Affairs and Staff Administrator and administrative support for the committee


CHM Conflict of Interest Policy


For assistance and examples of management plans chairs/directors should contact the CHM Office of Faculty Affairs and Development at or 517-432-8722.