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College Advisory Council (CAC)


MSU’s Bylaws for Faculty Governance stipulate that the bylaws of each college shall provide for a College Advisory Council (CAC) of faculty to serve as a means of participation by faculty in the policy-making of the college.  Members of the CAC serve as advisors to the dean, bringing the voice of the faculty to discussion and planning, and serving as a conduit of information between the dean and the faculty. In addition, the CAC has shared responsibility with the provost to determine procedures for nomination of the dean and for the dean’s five-year review.

The CAC includes one faculty member from each administrative/academic unit of the college, and two medical students and one graduate student, representing different parts of the curriculum. Faculty members are elected for a two-year term by the voting members of the unit. Chairpersons and directors of units are responsible for initiating and supervising, within their respective units, elections in early spring semester with members taking office on August 15. The election procedure is determined by each unit’s bylaws but is limited to eligible internal voting faculty of the college.  In addition to elected voting members, the faculty members representing the college on each university standing committee  serve as ex officio, non-voting members of the CAC and provide a quarterly, or as needed, report of their committee’s activities at a regularly scheduled CAC meeting.  Other ex officio non‑voting members may be added as needed by the CAC and generally include the associate deans for administration, academic affairs, student affairs and faculty development. 


To reach the CAC with questions or concerns, please email your department representative or the Steering Committee directly and In addition, to reach your CHM Faculty Senators, use