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Culture of Caring Speaker Series

The College of Human Medicine is committed to creating a culture of caring through trauma informed principles. This culture values respect, safety, compassion, accountability, and kindness.

Students, faculty and staff are invited to join us for two additional talks in the series during which we will discuss how trauma informed principles can be applied to create and support a culture of caring.

Upcoming Events

Creating a Culture of Caring in the College of Human Medicine:
Lessons Learned from the Trauma-Informed Culture Change Efforts in the City of Flint

Tuesday, December 3, 12-1 pm
Live at COM C102 East Fee Hall | Streaming at Secchia Center Room 220 & Flint Room 339

Vicki Johnson-Lawrence, PhD
Assistant professor, Division of Public Health
Social epidemiologist & community-based researcher

Light refreshments will be served for those attending in person. Please send questions or inquiries to

Past presentations are available here.