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Marijuana users weigh less, defying the munchies

New evidence from Michigan State University College of Human Medicine researcher suggests that those who smoke cannabis, or marijuana, weigh less compared to adults who don’t.

“Over a three-year period, all participants showed a weight increase, but interestingly, those who used marijuana had less of an increase compared to those that never used,” said Omayma Alshaarawy, lead author and an assistant professor of family medicine. “Our study builds on mounting evidence that this opposite effect occurs.”

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MSU Med News | Issue 3

Catch up on Match Day and other college news in the latest issue of MSU Med News.

Bachmann featured as Extraordinary Spartan

Michigan State University is highlighting a number of Extraordinary Spartans, including our own Andre Bachmann, PhD, professor and associate chair for research, in the Department of Pediatrics and Human Development. 

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