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MSU hires director to address wellness and vulnerable populations

Claudia Finkelstein, an internal medicine physician and medical educator, has been named to the newly created position of director of wellness, resiliency and support for the vulnerable. Finkelstein is helping MSU health care providers address care for vulnerable populations and is also developing a wellness and resilience program for the College of Human Medicine’s faculty and staff.

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Mental Health Awareness Week

Join the movement during Mental Health Awareness Week, November 10-17. Associated Students of Michigan State University has organized events to prevent the stigma around mental health, educate students on resources available to them, advocate for increased mental health resources on campus.

High blood pressure? An air filter may help

College of Human Medicine researcher Masako Morishita has found that high blood pressure, a leading cause of heart attacks and strokes, can be lowered significantly by using portable air filters that remove tiny indoor air particles known to increase risk of cardiovascular issues.

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