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ADM 11 CHM Student Parking Grand Rapids

Effective Date: 7-1-2012
Last Revised: 5-1-2015
Responsible Party: Elizabeth Lawrence
Persons Affected: CHM Students in Grand Rapids


The College endeavors to present a variety of parking options for students in Grand Rapids. This policy applies to student vehicles parked on MSU-CHM owned or leased property. Owned or leased properties include Secchia Center garage parking (operated by Michigan Street Development) and the lot at College and Michigan Street.

Vehicles operated or parked on MSU owned or leased property must be registered with the College and parked according to the privileges granted. Parking is self-supporting (no tax or tuition money is used to support the system). Revenue from the MSU-CHM owned parking system is used to support, maintain and improve these parking venues.

A. Student Parking

  1. CHM Students have the following options:
    a. Register following the CHM on-line registration process and pay the registration fee for vehicles, motorcycles and/or mopeds.
    b. Park and pay at Grand Rapids City owned or Ellis operated metered spaces or pay lots.
  2. A student who is the son or daughter of a University employee, operating a vehicle bearing an employee permit, must register the vehicle as a student and comply with the provisions of the MSU Student Parking and Driving Regulation which can be found at The employee privileges are not extended to the student.
  3. The person to whom the privileges are granted is the only person who may park under the privileges; otherwise, they are invalid.
  4. There are a limited number of student permits for the Secchia Center. It is anticipated that CHM students with authorized permits may park in the Secchia Center garage between 6:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. (Secchia Student Evening Permit.) Depending on faculty demand, a small number of permits may be available to students for day parking at Secchia. These will be available in the order of registration.
  5. Mopeds, as defined by state law (less than 50cc) and properly registered using the on-line bicycle registration process, may be parked in the bicycle racks with the exception of the plaza.

B. Student Vehicle Registration

  1. A student may register one of two ways:
    a. Register one vehicle with student parking privileges and receive one permit and, for those parking at Secchia, an authorization to purchase an AVI parking module.
    b. Register as a car pool participant (limit of 4 per permit) with student parking privileges. All participants must provide vehicle information and student ID numbers. Each student must purchase a separate AVI parking module. Contact with any questions.

CHM students may register for vehicle using the on-line registration process at Payment is due at time of purchase and you may opt to pay using electronic funds transfer from a bank account, VISA, MasterCard, and Discover.

C. Permits and AVI Modules

  1. All permits remain the property of MSU, are assigned to individuals and are non-transferable. Unauthorized transfer or use of a permit and/or AVI module will result in their/its confiscation, and termination of the privilege(s) for at least the balance of the registration period, Confiscation of an AVI parking module will result in its deactivation. A fee is required to obtain a new AVI parking module.
  2. Replacement of a lost permit may be obtained by payment of an assessed fee (restrictions may apply).Replacement of a stolen permit requires a police report number and CHM Assistant Dean’s Office approval.
  3. Permits shall be affixed according to the instructions provided with the permit. Note: A current permit, though properly affixed, is valid only when all expired permits have been removed. Decals that have been laminated or taped to the windshield are not valid.
  4. Permits expire in accordance with the date shown on the permit unless privileges are no longer deemed valid or have been revoked.

D. Loaner Permits

If the vehicle which is currently registered with the Parking Office is being repaired, and another vehicle driven in the interim, the employee may obtain interim authorization on a day to day basis. To obtain authorization, the employee should enter the parking lot through the visitor gates, taking a ticket upon entrance. The employee should then proceed to park on level P5 – visitor parking. The employee must contact the Ellis Parking office in Building 25. Ellis Parking will confirm the employee’s parking status, and issue a validation coupon. At the conclusion of the day, the employee will insert the ticket and the validation coupon into the pay-station terminal at the parking gate and the gate will rise to permit exit.

E. Bicycles

Any bicycle on the premises of the Secchia Center must be registered, parked and locked at a bike rack and in operable condition; otherwise, it may be impounded and fees assessed to retrieve it. MSU, City of Grand Rapids, Lansing, City of East Lansing, Lansing Township and Meridian Township permits are acceptable. Permits must be current, valid and adhered to the bicycle frame’s post below the seat, facing the handlebars. Failure to properly display and/or affix the permit may result in bicycle impoundment. Bicycles may be registered on-line at

F. Parking Violations will result in towing. Towing, storage and associated fees are solely the responsibility of the vehicle owner. Unauthorized vehicles parked in the garage or lots will be towed on the first occurrence.

  1. The following are examples of violations:
    a. Parking in University vehicle spaces
    b. Parking in leased spaces
    c. Parking in designated disability or car pool parking spaces
    d. Parking in reserved areas
    e. Parking in visitor or car pool spaces
    f. Parking in areas not clearly designated as a space
    g. Parking in the circle drive for more than 10 minutes

G. Miscellaneous

  1. Students who wish to be considered for special reserved parking should contact the CHM Operations Administrator. The CHM Operations Administrator will work closely with the Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities to facilitate accommodations based upon documented need.
  2. Unless otherwise permitted by the CHM Operations Administrator, vehicles bearing Secchia Center student permits may only park in MSU-CHM designated SECCHIA CENTER MONTHLY PARKING spaces during the hours in which the student permit stipulates (i.e. 6:00 p.m. – 6:00 a.m., Monday-Sunday.) Students who choose not to purchase a parking permit may park in the visitor section of the Secchia Center parking ramp and remit the daily parking fee to Ellis Parking.
  3. A parking permit may be refused to anyone having unpaid parking violations issued by Michigan State University.
  4. Questions about this policy should be directed to the


AVI Module: Small electronic module that is attached to the windshield above the rear view mirror. Module has a sensor that permits the parking gate to rise, allowing entry and exit to the lot.

MSD- Ellis parking: Michigan Street Development (MSD) includes the parking venues beneath the Secchia Center, Buildings 25, 35 and the Lemmon-Holton Cancer Pavilion. MSD has hired Ellis Parking to provide attendant services to the parking garage.

College and Michigan Parking Lot: Street level parking venue owned by Michigan Street University. Located at the north-west corner of College Avenue and Michigan Street.

Motor Vehicle: All motor drive vehicles such as automobiles, trucks, motorcycles and mopeds.


  1. CHM-GR student completes the appropriate on-line parking registration at:
  2. CHM Parking Office will:
    a. Issue a CHM-GR Vehicle Identification Sticker for the vehicle.
    b. Provide an AVI module to student if purchased as part of the registration process and the student is registered at Secchia Center
    c. Notifies MSD parking Office of all issued AVIs and request activation.
  3. Michigan Street Development Parking office (Ellis) will:
    a. Verify authorization request for AVI module activation.
    b. Activate requested AVI, including car pool groups.
  4. MSU-CHM GR student will:
    1. Attach the MSU parking permit to the left lower corner of the windshield.
    2. Attach the AVI to the windshield of his/her vehicle if registered to park at the ramp at Secchia Center.
    3. Park in the designated areas as noted below:
      1. College and Michigan:
        1. Park in any open space
      2. Secchia Center Ramp:
        1.  Enter/Exit the ramp from Michigan Street entrances #1 or #3 or from Division Ave.
        2. Park in any Secchia Center Monthly Parking space on P3
      3. Contact MSD-Ellis parking office if AVI is lost or damaged.
      4. Contact MSD-Ellis parking office to report problems with the parking gate or ramp. (Note: if AVI is not attached in the correct position on windshield the gates may not operate properly).