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ACC/FIN-6 Denim for Dollars Funds

Effective Date: 1/1/2017
Last Revised: 12/13/18
Responsible Party: College of Human Medicine Business Office
Persons Affected: College of Human Medicine employees participating in Denim for Dollars, staff handling Denim for Dollars Funds, Advancement Staff


The MSU Manual of Business Procedures outlines the responsibility of departments related to cash handling, deposits, and incoming electronic funds. Each week, donations are collected in various Dean’s Office units for the Denim for Dollars campaign. To maintain secure handling of cash, the separation of duties requirement and to allow for individual gift credit, this procedure has been established.

Denim for Dollars
Employees may choose to wear jeans and/or Spartan attire including appropriate sweatshirts and T-shirts on Fridays as an exception to the dress code policy by agreeing to donate $3.00 each occasion. Funds are donated to the CHM Faculty and Staff Student Scholarship Fund, AR0033/RL033259.


  • Collection envelopes with signature logs are available in A114 E. Fee (CHM Dean’s Business Office reception), Secchia Center - fourth floor cubicle area across from room 458 (Dean’s office), A112 Clinical Center and 330 Flint.
    • Employees participating in Denim for Dollars: To minimize interruptions in the collection area, sign the log and leave donation in the collection envelope.  Employees may pay weekly, monthly or for the entire year. Exact payment amount is required.
  • Staff responsible for collection envelope in each area: store collection envelope in a secure location such as locked drawer, cabinet or safe when collection area is not staffed.
    • Staff responsible for collection envelopes in Secchia Center, Clinical Center and Flint: ensure collections are brought to A114 E. Fee in a timely manner.
    • Funds collected in A114 E. Fee: store in the Business Office safe.


  • Frequency: Monday of each week
  • Business Office staff: reconcile funds in collection envelopes to signature logs, initial logs to confirm reconciliation, and lock the funds/signature logs in the Business Office safe.
  • Second Business Office staff: log the donations into the ‘CHM Check Log’.


  • Frequency: First Monday of a given month
  • Business Office staff: prepare cash receipt in EBS system and attach appropriate documentation:
    • Scan and attach pdf copy of signature log(s)
    • Complete, scan and attach MSU CHM Denim for Dollars Log
    • For donors with a total contribution of $5 or greater for the time period included in the deposit: log donor’s information in the ‘MSU CHM Denim for Dollars log’ to facilitate individual donor credit for the gift through MSU Advancement
  • Business Office staff: send MSU CHM Denim for Dollars log to CHM Advancement staff to reconcile with Advance reports.


  • Business Office\Acct Recon\Logs\Gift Processing\CHM_Denim-for-Dollars_log
  • Business Office\Acct Recon\Logs\CHM_Check_log


1.0 - Effective date: 1/5/17 - Original
1.1 - Effective date: 12/13/18 - Revised by K. Crosby - Procedural updates