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Dean's Staff Advisory Committee Roster

June 1, 2020 - May 30, 2021

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  • Melissa Kacos (Chair)
    Office of Student Affairs and Services
    Term expires 2022

    Melissa is an administrative assistant in the Office of Student Affairs and Services. She is the lead staff coordinator of student scholarships and the Gold Humanism Honor Society, assists in the planning and coordination of student events, and is the administrative support person for Dr. Julie Phillips and Dr. Deana Wilbanks. She has been with Michigan State University for nine years and with the College of Human Medicine for 5.5 years. Melissa enjoys staying active with strength training and biking, spending quality time with family and friends, traveling, and cheering on MSU football and basketball. She is not only a staff member, but a returning MSU student studying Dietetics. Go Green! 

  • Karla Cody (Vice Chair)
    Department of Family Medicine
    Term expires 2022

    Karla is a community clerkship assistant and residency network coordinator for the Department of Family Medicine. She is responsible for scheduling 3rd year College of Human Medicine students for their Late Clinical Experience with the Family Medicine Clerkship. She is the coordinator for the Family Medicine Residency Network, and the reappointment, promotion and tenure coordinator for the Department of Family Medicine. She has worked for MSU for six years. Karla loves spending time with her five children and husband and has the privilege of being “Grammy” to two awesome grandsons. She enjoys camping, kayaking, and is a HUGE MSU football and basketball fan!

  • Harmony Van Valkenberg (Secretary)
    Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Biology
    Term expires 2022

    Harmony is a department administrator for the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Biology. She is the administrative dyad to Dr. Richard Leach. She supports the financial, human resources, and strategic planning for the department at the Grand Rapids Research Center, Secchia Center, and East Fee Hall. She has been with Michigan State University for 3.5 years. In her spare time, Harmony loves spending time with her husband (John) and her two boys, Ethan (10) and Jack (5). 

  • Sarah Enlow
    Term expires 2022 

    Sarah is the advancement communications manager in the College of Human Medicine’s Advancement Office. She supports fundraising staff to communicate the college’s mission of “Serving the People,” and helps donors better understand how their investments in students, research and facilities are making a difference. Sarah has been with MSU for eight years and joined the college in 2019. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys traveling, writing and going to concerts.

  • Kim Healy
    Dean's Office
    Term expires 2021

    Kim is a human resources administrator in the Dean’s Office. She oversees the human resource functions for the Secchia Center and the Grand Rapids Research Center She has worked for Michigan State University College of Human Medicine for 1 year. Kim likes to bike and mediocre golf.

  • Christopher Kemp
    Translational Neuroscience
    Term expires 2021

    Chris is a research assistant in the Department of Translational Neuroscience. He has worked for MSU for more than ten years and is Caryl Sortwell's lab manager in the Grand Rapids Research Center. Before that, he worked in New Zealand and, before that, in tropical Cincinnati. In the lab, he works on experimental models of Parkinson's disease. Outside the lab, he is a dad to three boys aged 11, 9 and 6. In his spare time he writes books, takes his kids to visit his native England, and shouts loudly at soccer teams through the television. 

  • Anne Leiby-McMahon
    Office of Late Clinical Experiences - Lansing Campus
    Term expires 2021 

    Anne is the Lansing Community Outreach Specialist. The Community Outreach Specialist is responsible for recruitment of new faculty, retention of faculty, faculty educational development and assisting with continuing medical education (CME). Anne also instructs faculty members and residents on core teaching skills, assessment skills, strategies for integrating students into their practice and use of electronic resources.  Anne is assists with the ECE, MCE and LCE.  She has been with Michigan State University College of Human Medicine for 6 years.  Anne enjoys spending time with her family including her golden retriever, Charlie.  

  • Liz McDaniel
    Center for Ethics and Humanities in the Life Sciences
    Term expires 2021 

    Liz is a communications assistant in the Center for Ethics and Humanities in the Life Sciences where she coordinates the Center’s online presence and outreach activities. In this role she is webmaster, social media manager, graphic designer, writer and editor, podcast producer, and webinar facilitator. Liz has been with the College of Human Medicine for six years. Outside of work Liz enjoys cycling, nature photography, listening to music, and playing guitar and piano. She wrote and produced an album of original music in 2012 and created a community project for Lansing area women, trans, and non-binary musicians in 2015. 

  • Amy Nienhouse, MS
    Office of Communications, Engagement and Outreach
    Term expires 2022

    Amy is the digital communications manager for the Office of Communications, Engagement, and Outreach. Her role includes content strategy, social media, and website design. She supports other communications initiatives including media relations, event promotion, and branding. She has been with Michigan State University College of Human Medicine for more than five years. In her spare time, Amy enjoys camping, hiking, listening to podcasts, and crafting.

  • Holly Nysse, MPA
    Office of Late Clinical Experiences - Grand Rapids Campus
    Term expires 2022

    Holly is a director of Grand Rapids community Campus student programs in the Office of Late Clinical Experience (LCE). She works with students placed in Grand Rapids for their schedule, career development, guides them through the residency match process, and is the point person for many of their needs throughout the LCE. She has been with Michigan State University College of Human Medicine for almost seven years. Outside of work, Holly spends time with my family. She has an almost 2-year-old son, and almost 12-year-old step daughter that keep her and her husband on their toes!

  • Brenda Reynolds, CHRS 
    Department of Medicine
    Term expires 2021

    Brenda is an assistant department administrator in the Department of Medicine. She reports directly to the chief department administrator within the Department of Medicine, provides direct supervision of professionals within the finance/accounting, grants management, and human resources areas of the department. She partners with other department and division leaders to report critical information to assist in setting objectives, develop policies, operational procedures, and advance projects, budgets, and staffing objectives. In her spare time, Brenda enjoys spending time with her three children, playing volleyball, and traveling.

  • Lisa Pasbjerg
    Flint Registry
    Term expires 2021 

    Lisa is a relative newcomer to both Flint, Michigan & MSU. While she grew up in Michigan, Lisa spent most of her life living adventurously all over the world, often organizing and working as an activist in places like Berkeley, CA, The Nevada Nuclear Test Site north of Las Vegas, NV, Bar Harbor, ME, St. Petersburg, FL, Tucson, AZ and Kiev, Ukraine. Lisa is delighted to have returned home to Michigan, where she can share her experience and skills with a project as hopeful and inspiring as The Flint Registry & the Pediatric Public Health Initiative at the MSU College of Human Medicine. She looks forward to the opportunity to engage in team building with this committee. Lisa is also a grandmother of 2, and love to ride herhorse and kayak in the wonderful waterways of Michigan in her spare time! 

  • Robert Schiering, CHRS
    Department of Pediatrics and Human Development
    Term expires 2021

    Robert is an administrative assistant for the Department of Pediatrics and Human Development. He serves the College in matters of human resources and communications. He is responsible for myriad administrative duties, from coordinating recruitment efforts, to creating content for the Pediatrics and Human Development website and social media accounts. He has been with Michigan State University College of Human Medicine for five years. Rob prefers to spend his free time reading, writing, and traveling with his wife.

  • Kellie Sisson
    Term expires 2022 

    Kellie Sisson is the Facilities Coordinator at the Grand Rapids Research Center, where her main role is to serve as a liaison between the researchers/building staff and the Operations/Facilities Team. Her responsibilities include coordinating building services, overseeing the custodial vendor, supervising the glassware service, arranging equipment repairs and service, and onboarding/offboarding. Her first four years at MSU were spent working as a Research Assistant in the Translational Neuroscience department, and she now supports many of those same researchers at the GRRC. She’s been the Facilities Coordinator at the GRRC since it opened in 2017. Outside of work, she performs very amateur home renovation projects and spends time with her family, Rob (husband, who also works for CHM as the IT Supervisor) and kids Adrianne (13) and James (10). 

  • Megan Stechschulte 
    Office of Clinical Experiences
    Term expires 2021

    Megan Stechschulte is an office coordinator II with the Office of Clinical Experiences. She provides high-level administrative support to the Offices of Clinical Experiences and Academic Achievement, as well as Academy sub units in the Shared Discovery Curriculum. She serves as a primary communication liaison for students, faculty, staff, administrators, and other university stakeholders. She has worked for Michigan State University for eight years and the College of Human Medicine for four years. In her spare time, Megan enjoys spending time with her husband, four-year-old daughter and their dog Cain. They like to kayak, go for walks, and go to concerts.