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2020 Med Marketing Minutes


Attendees: Elizabeth Beckman, Jim Brinker, Nicki Brown, Lindsay Gluf-Magar, Ashley May, Jonne McCoy-White, Liz McDaniel, Amanda Petrovsky, Robert Schiering, Kris Southwick, Ebony Stith, Julia Terhune, Harmony Van Valkenberg, Jill Vondrasek, Sarah Enlow, Jenna French, Adrian De Gifis, Mieka Smart, Julia Bergstrom, Christy Lavene, Kathy Assiff, Nadija Kadunic, Amy Nienhouse

Follow ups from last meeting

  • Video equipment
    • We were not able to identify a source that would loan video equipment on campus. If you have something specific you’d like to do, reach out to us offline and we can help direct you to outside resources.
  • Google Docs vs Office 365
    • We asked university communications and it was clear that the university is moving towards Office 365. That said, it may not be applicable in all cases (SE Michigan campus, some student groups, etc.). If you have a choice, go with Office 365.
    • Community campuses expressed concern about the possibility of the university’s license with Google expiring, if ITS preference is Office 365. Large amount of storage needed for the work they do. We’ll work to get a clear answer on the university’s relationship with Google.
    • For Med Marketing materials, we will file share in Office 365 and another platform to accommodate those who can’t access Office 365 on hospital computers.
  • List of experts with University Communications
    • University Communications is undergoing a restructure, so for now, please send us your lists and we will share with the new PR strategists when they are in place. We were told this will be “an integration of channel management and channel alignment.” There are 9 positions being posted for their content and PR strategists’ team, some refilling jobs lost over the past 3 years. More to come on this as we see it unfold.
    • The suggestion was made to build an expert list internally. We will work on building this in Teams.
  • College strategic plan
    • College leadership provided strategic input to Dean Sousa for his work with EVP for health sciences and the health deans. This work will be provided to the president’s office, as he is embarking on a strategic plan for MSU; our college has been working on preliminary planning.
  • Health Team rebranding
    • The HealthTeam will become MSU Health Care this summer; the communicators from the medical schools and nursing are part of a planning committee that is helping with the branding.
  • Sitecore
    • We learned that MSU will launch Site Core later this summer; our college is listening and learning. We do not believe it will be feasible to change CMS systems before we launch our new website (we have deadlines for the LCME site visit).
  • Match Day
    • Match Day is on March 20
    • In the past we have used Tagboard, a social media streaming service, to display social media posts on a large screen at each campus. We are unable to offer the stream this year because Facebook no longer allows the service to display personal profile photos/comments. Also, the service has tripled in price.
    • We are still using the “I Matched” signs and promoting the hashtag #MSUMDMatch.
    • When taking photos of students, please be mindful to ask their permission to post a photo on social media if their match information is visible.

Communications Update

  • New Medical Mile address (15 Medical Mile NE)
    • The city of Grand Rapids has finalized authorization of the Medical Mile designation for Michigan Street from College west to Monroe street. We can now use the new address (and current address still works).
    • Launched the new site – see story on MSUToday. Please let us know if any of your cancer researchers are missing – or if there are any edits needed.
    • NOTE: The visibility led to MSU’s Office of Regulatory Affairs’ chemical safety officer reaching out to us regarding our photos. Unfortunately, some of our researcher photos are not compliant because they lack safety glasses. Moving forward, all photos taken in the lab must include lab coat, non-latex gloves and safety glasses.
  • Med News
  • Covid-19
    • The dean has a team working on our college’s operating procedures in the event of a pandemic; more information to come very soon.

Roundtable discussion

  • Adrian De Gifis gave an update on the Southeast Michigan Campus strategic plan. They are preparing their second edition of the quarterly e-newsletter to students and community partners. See the first edition here.
  • If your department is producing podcasts or other content that you want shared on the college website, please submit these
  • Liz Beckman shared news of an MSU psychiatry residency starting in the U.P.
  • Update: The Flint 60 Minutes segment was bumped from March 8 to a date to be determined due to special coronavirus reporting.