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2017 College Advisory Council (CAC) Minutes


Attendees:  H. Azhary, A. Bozoki, S. Counts, H. Chen, L. Messer, R. Miksicek, R. Osmer,
K. Racicot, C. Rockwell, E. Shapiro, D. Stahl
Ex-Officio Attendees:  N. Beauchamp, M. DeLano, L. Fleck, B. Forney, J. Johnson, P. Thompson
Guests:  G. Kelley


Review/Approval of Minutes

November meeting minutes approved. 

AAN Request follow-up

  • B. Forney reminded the group of the questions asked by the Academic Advancement Network (AAN) regarding promotion and professional development resources for fixed term faculty and academic staff. She requested that they review them (November minutes) and discuss at their next department faculty meeting.  Report out will occur in January or email B. Forney directly.

CAD Update – Molidor

  • J. Molidor presented an overall update to the CAC regarding the events and happenings for the Community Assistant Deans.
  • Updates were mentioned for most communities including: the new hospital in the UP will be complete in 2018, UP campus employees will be housed there; Lansing – new learning center recently opened at Sparrow; Southeast Michigan campus – a new simulation and education center at Providence Park Hospital recently opened; the lead situation is ongoing in Flint; and Midland is becoming a community campus for CMU students as well as CHM students.
  • Requests from CADs to CAC – consider how decisions made for CHM affect the campuses before they are made, continue open communication among all campuses, and the CAC members are encouraged to visit all campuses.
  • Discussion ensued regarding the idea of adding a community campus member to the CAC group. CADs will determine how best to do this and return information to the CAC.


Academic Affairs Update

  • A. Sousa presented an update on the SDC to the CAC comparing the legacy curriculum to the new curriculum. Slides attached. 
  • Community relations between Sparrow and CHM are progressing and improving.
  • Aron discussed and asked CAC for feedback on the relations for students doing research with faculty members. Research Office is working on this issue as well.  Any feedback should be directed to Aron Sousa.

Advancement Update

  • Halloran presented an update on the CHM Advancement office activities.  Slides attached.

Dean’s Update

  • Department of Surgery residency program recently underwent a site review by the ACGME. Results were overall satisfactory.
  • Communications: Dean Beauchamp was recently named a finalist in the health care category for the Grand Rapids Business Journal’s Newsmaker of the Year award. 
  • The MSU Foundation has agreed to sell a portion of land near the MBI on Collins Rd to McLaren Greater Lansing in order to build a new $450M hospital to replace its two aging facilities in Lansing.
  • Sparrow Hospital has indicated concern regarding the McLaren announcement but also noted that it is good for the community; they look forward to continuing to partner with MSU.
  • Rick Ward, CEO of the MSU HealthTeam, is retiring. Mike Herbert has been named interim CEO. 
  • Dean Strampel is stepping down as Dean of COM.
  • GRRC – faculty continue moving into the building.
  • Dean visited the SE Michigan campus for several meetings in December.


Next meeting will be Monday, January 15, 2018.


Attendees:  A. Bozoki, A. Chamdin, S. Counts, J. Ilardo, H. Kim, L. Messer, R. Osmer, C. Palmer, K. Racicot, A. Ralston, C. Rockwell, E. Shapiro, A. Weber
Ex-Officio Attendees:  H. Barry, M. DeLano, L. Fleck, B. Forney, J. Johnson, W. Lipscomb, P. Thompson
Guests:  G. Kelley


Review/Approval of Minutes

October meeting minutes approved. 

Clinical Affairs Update

  • Dr. Kim indicated the goal of his office is to obtain collaboration of faculty and to improve patient care.
  • Details on the clinical dashboard and improving access to clinical data for faculty was presented.
  • Clinical Affairs Office is currently working in the beginning stages of Telemedicine.
  • After much discussion in the clinical affairs presentation, Dr. Bozoki agreed to formulate a few questions for the Clinical Affairs Office and send to Dr. Kim.

Dean’s Update

  • McLaren – expect announcement soon from the University.
  • Sparrow/MSU – discussion on Surgery and Neonatology still ongoing
  • P3 – this is progressing
  • Depression Summit – Pine Rest presented a Depression Summit in Grand Rapids in November.
  • Question to take back to department meetings – What are your thoughts about a college name change? I.e., College of Human Medicine and Public Health.

Faculty Affairs and Development

  • CAC determined that the voting body to approve the criteria for the Research Track faculty appointments will be the CHM voting faculty list.
  • CAC voted and approved the CHM voting faculty list to be used for approving the criteria of the Research Track faculty appointments.
  • Dr. Barry opened a discussion regarding the faculty forward data and information.

Fall Faculty Meeting Discussion

  • How is the CAC different than leadership meetings?
  • The group desires good interactive and engaging meetings.
  • Discussed the purpose of the CAC and interaction with University committees as an information conduit.
  • What does the CAC want to take back to department meetings?
  • CAC is the front line communication tool for University activities, e.g., dean search, 5-year dean review, etc.

General Info

  • Barbara Forney reported from the AAN meeting. Request to discuss questions below with your faculty and report at January CAC Meeting or send separate email to Barbara Forney ( Council will come back to the January meeting to discuss these in more detail:
  1. Do you have suggestions for additions or changes to MSU policies that pertain to fixed term faculty and academic staff?
  2. What types of programming might you find useful to help ensure the success of fixed term faculty or academic staff? (please identify intended audience)
  3. What conversations about fixed term faculty and academic staff need to be initiated and at what level?
  4. Identify resources not already available that fixed term faculty and academic staff should be provided.
  5. Any other ideas that might be productive
  6. What would NOT be useful or what should we avoid doing?
  7. Provide information on practices, policies, and/or support structures for academic staff and fixed term faculty in your unit that are successful.
  • Joan Ilardo indicated that the Research Survey regarding student and residency research would be resent to all faculty with a deadline of December 1, 2017.


Next meeting is Monday, December 18, 2017.


Attendees:  H. Azhary, A. Bozoki, A. Chamdin, H. Chen, T. Chassee, S. Counts, J. Ilardo, H. Kim, L. Messer, R. Osmer, C. Palmer, A. Ralston,  E. Shapiro, D. Stahl, A. Weber
Ex-Officio Attendees:  H. Barry, N. Beauchamp, M. DeLano, L. Fleck, B. Forney, J. Johnson, W. Lipscomb, A. Sousa
Guests:  G. Kelley


Review/Approval of Minutes

September meeting minutes approved. 

Academic Affairs Update

  • A. Sousa presented student performance data on the Shared Discovery Curriculum
  • Discussion involving the Council on Diversity and Education
  • Sousa requested feedback from the CAC asking what the needs are of faculty who work with students. Send responses directly to Aron Sousa.

Dean’s Update

Dean Beauchamp updated the CAC on the following topics:

  • McLaren - the college is close to an announcement
  • Sparrow clinical contracts
  • Pine Rest and behavioral health
  • Mercy Health Saint Mary’s – search beginning to replace head of Neuroscience
  • Flint community meetings occurring this week
  • Mid Michigan Health – effective partnering discussions taking place

Faculty Affairs and Development

  • Dr. Barry discussed the research faculty appointment category and presented a list of frequently asked questions/answers; this will be distributed with the CAC meeting minutes
  • Discussion of the research appointment category had been generated by the request at the August meeting to approve the proposed promotion criteria for faculty appointed in this category; there was discussion regarding who votes to approve the promotion criteria for this appointment category. CHM bylaws indicate that CHM voting faculty is the body that votes to approve policies.

University Committee Update

  • Dr. Azhary presented a brief update on the University Committee on International Studies and Programs.
  • Committee is a conduit of information between the university and individual colleges.
  • DACA policies and status were discussed.
  • Travel ban to specific countries and VISA limitations were discussed.

Fall Faculty Meeting Agenda

Group discussed more specifically what the agenda should include for the November 1st, Fall Faculty Meeting.  Suggestion made to have important or relevant information presented at the meeting but devote a significant portion of the meeting to faculty group discussion on a topic considered important to the faculty.  A list of topics for discussion was generated.  Dr. Counts agreed to create a short survey to CHM faculty requesting feedback on the suggested topics.   The goal is to increase participation in the faculty meeting.

Dean’s update at the meeting will include information on public-private partnerships (aka PPP or P3).


Next meeting is Monday, November 16, 2017


Attendees:  H. Azhary, A. Bozoki, J. Ilardo, A. Weber, R. Osmer, T. Chassee, A. Ralston, H. Kim, C. Palmer
Ex-Officio Attendees:  B. Forney, L. Fleck, J. Johnson, W. Lipscomb, R. Miksicek, A. Sousa, M. DeLano, S.Lin, F. Manfredsson
Guests:  G. Kelley, W. Esselman, J. Kooiman 


Review/Approval of Minutes

  • Emailed to voting members as there was not a quorum in attendance.

Academic Affairs Update

  • CHM 2017 entering class began August 28, 2017.
  • MCE and ECE placements were discussed.

Research Update

  • Walter Esselman presented a research update that focused on the functions and services of the Research Office. Slides attached for reference.
  • Joan Ilardo discussed the process of matching students to research projects/research faculty led by the research office. She asked for comments and suggestions to be sent to her or Dr. Esselman.

CHM Awards Sub-Committee Report

  • CHM Awards subcommittee reported that nominations for only three of the awards had been received: Distinguished Faculty, Outstanding Clinician, and the Outstanding Community Faculty Award. The subcommittee presented their recommendations for the three awards.

CHM Voting Faculty List

  • Barbara Forney explained the process and criteria for the CHM voting faculty list. List was emailed to CAC voting members and passed by electronic vote after the meeting.

External Relations Update

  • Jerry Kooiman provided an update from the Office for External Relations. He reviewed the mission of his unit and upcoming events. A copy of the presentation is attached.

Diversity and Inclusion Update

  • Dr. Wanda Lipscomb presented an update for Diversity & Inclusion focusing on diversity demographics and included an update on the events held during CHM Unity Week. A copy of the presentation is attached. 

Fall Faculty Meeting Agenda

Group suggested agenda items for the November 1st, Fall Faculty Meeting. Ideas included the following:

  • Introduction of new faculty members
  • Update on McLaren’s “new hospital”
  • Budget issues
  • New curriculum update
  • Concern regarding finance for residency programs
  • Faculty Group Practice
  • Overall vision for research
  • Status of new research facilities including occupancy timelines
There was also discussion about how to increase attendance at all faculty meetings. Ideas included:
  • Present meaningful information
  • Create a Q&A session
  • Concentrate on one major theme at the meeting
  • Create a cliffhanger advertisement before the meeting
  • Bring a contentious issue as the agenda item


  • Next meeting is Monday, October 16, 2017


Attendees:  H. Azhary, A. Bozoki, A. Chamdin, S. Counts, J. Ilardo, A. Weber, B. Schutte, R. Osmer; K. Racicot, T. Chassee, S. Lin
Ex-Officio Attendees:  H. Barry, N. Beauchamp, B. Forney, L. Fleck, J. Johnson, F. Manfredsson, A. Mansour, R. Miksicek, P. Thompson
Guests:  G. Kelley


Review/Approval of Minutes

  • Motion to approve the 4-17-17 CAC minutes. All approved.

Dean’s briefing

  • Grand Rapids Research Center Grand Opening September 20, 2017
  • Unity Week September 11-16, 2017
  • CHM hired an advancement director, Susan Halloran
  • Announcement regarding McLaren forthcoming
  • Sparrow Health System – dean is continuing to build relationships more information in coming months on this topic.
  • ACTION request – CAC members ask your constituents to attend four CME/professional development events per year and provide feedback to CAC
  • Discussed purpose and function of CAC
  • Request to have a Research Update two times per year

CAC Election of Officers

  • Chairperson – Scott Counts
  • Vice Chairperson – Joan Ilardo
  • Secretary – Andrea Bozoki

Faculty Affairs and Development Update

  • Faculty Wellness update
  • RPT committee had a successful year
  • COI committee encountered major changes and revamped the college’s COI policy
  • ACTION: Discussion of research faculty positions. Esselman, B. Forney and H. Barry to discuss this with Chairs & Directors

CHM Awards Sub-Committee

  • CHM Awards subcommittee volunteers are: Arthur Weber, Leonard Fleck and Karen Racicot


  • Next meeting is Monday, September 18, 2017