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MSU Med News

November 2017

  • Move In Day at the Grand Rapids Research Center
  • MSURx 
  • Airborne pollutants as triggers of Parkinson's disease
  • March of Dimes honors faculty member

October 2017

  • Grand Rapids Research Center Dedication Ceremony
  • Antidepressants could slow Parkinson's disease
  • Published research, grants & awards, college news

September 2017

  • Dean's Update
  • Health Career Day
  • MSU Grand Rapids Research Center Tailgate and Tours

August 2017

  • Minimizing the effects of lead
  • A grant for Parkinson's research
  • Aging-related changes in the body
  • University Distinguished Professor

July 2017

  • MSU Gran Fondo 5
  • Newly appointed interim director for Division of Public Health
  • Stanardizing research model
  • Excellence in Medicine Minority Scholars Award recipient

June 2017

  • Highlights from Commencement
  • Dr. Bill Short retires
  • Standardizing research model
  • Similarities of tau behavior across diseases
  • Leading transformation in health care
  • Research mentor recognition

May 2017

  • Dean Beauchamp celebrates student accomplishments at Commencement
  • Brain Awareness Week
  • Detecting pain and inflammation receptors
  • Inflammatory biomarkers indicate depression
  • Flint student receives research fellowship
  • Role model for women in medicine

April 2017

  • Dean Beauchamp joined students on Match Day
  • Seeking solutions for opioids
  • $847K NIH Award aims to improve patient outcomes
  • Biomarkers detect Alzheimer's
  • Traverse City students taught winter safety course

March 2017

  • Dean Beauchamp recaps the Reach Out to Youth event
  • Today's Students. Tomorrow's Doctors.
  • $1.7M grant funds research
  • Biomarkers detect Alzheimer's
  • Match Day
  • Research wins AAMC GIA Award

February 2017

  • Dean Beauchamp announces MSU Med News
  • Funding snapshot
  • In-home care for the elderly
  • Congrats Dr. Ross Ramsey
  • College wins AAMC Award & more