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MSU Med News

Monthly updates from the College of Human Medicine including college news, events, research grants and more.

Recent Issues of Med News

Issue 3

  • Match Day video and photo gallery
  • Reach Out to Youth video
  • Photo gallery from the vigil held for victims of the New Zealand mosque attack
  • MIDOCs program for medical school loan repayment
  • Photo gallery from the Neuroscience Fair
  • Published research and grants
  • College news & events

Issue 2

  • Why the stigma? Studying the ethics of invasive therapies for depression
  • Reaching out to youth.
  • Culture club. Photos from the Student National Medical Association 2019 banquet
  • Sustainable impact. Reflections on ethical service learning by LMU student Kevin Johnston
  • Research grants & published research
  • College news & events

Issue 1

  • Peer Support Program
  • Taking action
  • Research grants & published research
  • College news & events
  • Culture of Safety