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A message from Aron Sousa

October 25, 2019


Today I began serving as interim dean of the College of Human Medicine as the MSU Board of Trustees has appointed Dean Beauchamp the Michigan State University executive vice president for health sciences. Norm is taking on this new role to help MSU do better for the people we serve, and I am taking on the interim deanship again for the same reason. We know and appreciate that you share this goal of serving the people of our state.

I am truly excited and honored to take on the interim dean role again during this interesting and momentous time. The changes in our system are deeply important and will require collaboration among all of us, regardless of our role or title. The events of the last several years demonstrate the need for a different structure and culture for our health programs, and I believe Norm has the vision and the talent to remake MSU health programs as a transformative agent for the public good.

I will do everything I can to ensure the College of Human Medicine is a vibrant part of MSU’s success. A first effort will be listening to those we serve, those who struggle, and those who have suffered. In the last couple of months, the university has taken important steps toward making this a safer, more responsive, and more sanative community. Those steps must continue as real progress toward a real destination. 

As you know, I served the college in the interim role before, and one of my most productive and enjoyable activities last time was to meet with units and departments. When I start the interim role on October 25th, I will be visiting units, communities and departments as one of my first organized priorities. We have a long and rich history of leadership across the missions of the college, and that leadership and experience will be instrumental in our success as we move forward.

A key to my willingness and ability to do the interim deanship is the wonderful people in Academic Affairs who always step up and take on additional roles and work when the college needs them. We are fortunate that Dr. Dianne Wagner has agreed to be interim senior associate dean for academic affairs as I move to the interim dean role. She did a wonderful job leading us through the implementation of the Shared Discovery Curriculum the last time I was interim, and I have every confidence in her ability to handle the senior associate dean’s job this time. The overall SDC curricular team is not changing with this new structure, and I am confident students, staff and faculty will find stability and opportunity as these new roles and relationships develop.

There will be some uncertainty as the new structure develops, but there can be no uncertainty that we, as a college, are dedicated to our patients, our students, the public, and each other. For that I am enormously grateful to you all. 

Serving the people with you,

Aron Sousa, MD
Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Michigan State University College of Human Medicine