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Dean's Update 2018

Regarding the college name change

April 24, 2018

I wish to thank all of you who participated in our outreach regarding the possible name change of the College of Human Medicine.

As you know, I asked the College Advisory Council, the Dean’s Student Advisory Council, staff and the college’s alumni board to reach out to constituents of the college for their thoughts and recommendations. 

In addition, to ensure that all of our stakeholders had an opportunity to bring voice to this matter in a consistent format, I asked that we conduct an online survey. We asked students, faculty, staff and alums to indicate their preference for the name of the college and we received responses from just shy of 2,500 individuals. The survey results were mixed, without a clear majority either for a specific name change or for retaining our current name.

Because of the mixed results, the amplitude of the objections at a time when vital efforts are underway focusing on the health and safety of our students and patients – and the well-being of everyone in our college, I recommended to President Engler that we do not proceed with changing the name of the college. President Engler agrees and supports this decision.

Thank you again for helping us complete our due diligence as to the timing of and opportunity to determine a name that conveyed the mission and structure of the College of Human Medicine.

New health structure

As a physician whose core value is caring, I feel it’s my obligation to the courageous survivors to draw upon my experience in university clinical practice management to ensure safe quality care for every patient and every student, every time.

To that end, I have accepted a new responsibility in addition to my dean role for the college, as associate provost and assistant vice president for health affairs for Michigan State University.

I am committed to work tirelessly to increase the safety and quality practices of all health care across MSU’s health care services, including student health clinics, physical therapy and trainers for student-athletes, and all clinical activities for the Colleges of Human Medicine, Nursing and Osteopathic Medicine, and the MSU HealthTeam.

This effort will allow MSU to be the model for an accountable health culture and I am excited to help lead this transformation, elevating safety and accountability that is worthy of the trust and confidence of our students and patients at MSU and beyond.

Norman J. Beauchamp Jr.
Dean, Michigan State University College of Human Medicine

Culture of Safety

It is difficult to find words adequate to capture how saddened I am by the tragic events that occurred at our university. The survivor impact stories, so courageously shared, are beyond devastating. Horrific acts occurred to individuals who came to Michigan State University. They were vulnerable and in search of healing. We failed them.

We are disheartened. Ours is a profession defined by accountability and responsibility. Our core value is caring. Our students come to us knowing that they will graduate as physicians uniquely prepared to protect the dignity of those they serve and to heal those in greatest need. As individuals, we begin and end each day inspired to lessen the struggles of those in need.

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