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Spotlight: 2013

Melissa Alafros is in the MD/PhD program and her dissertation research is in the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics and in collaboration with the University of Zambia. The population she is focusing on is HIV-positive individuals in Lusaka, Zambia, examining the intersection of HIV and epilepsy. READ MORE

Faculty Spotlight: Steve Roskos, MD READ MORE

Student Christopher Adams tells an inspiring story about his mentor in caring for the underserved. READ MORE

Thanks to all who participated in our Fourth Annual Alumni Weekend at the College of Human Medicine.

MSU Board of Trustees approves BIO ENGINEERING RESEARCH facilityREAD MORE

Update on MD MAGAZINE Organ Trafficking story.

Leadership in Medicine for the Underserved students: challenges abroad offer learning opportunities for future physicians. BLOG and READ ABOUT the adventure

Safeguards needed for tissue donors: Dr. Tom Tomlinson  READ MORE

The College of Human Medicine is designing an exciting and innovative curriculum. READ MORE

Dr. Janet Osuch shares pictures from her trip to Antarctica. SEE VIDEO

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MSU College of Human Medicine scientist Timothy J. Collier, Ph.D., has received the 2012 Bernard Sanberg Memorial Award for Brain Repair from the American Society of Neural Therapy and Repair. READ MORE