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College of Human Medicine students must complete a Service Learning in the Community course (HM 640) as a graduation requirement, and in order to participate in the National Residency Matching Program (the Match). This involves 40 hours of structured learning experience combining community service with preparation and reflection.

Service projects are approved by the Service Learning Team and reflection essays are reviewed by faculty advisors selected by the student. Students are enrolled in HM 640 for the semester in which they complete course requirements.

The deadline for completing the Service Learning requirement is the semester prior to the student’s intended semester of graduation. Students must meet this deadline in order to be certified to participate in the National Residency Matching Program.

Students must submit the HM 640 Form for approval of their service project(s) prior to beginning service. Information needed for the form include: (i) a faculty advisor the student has contacted who will discuss the project with the student and agree to evaluate the student’s reflection essay; and (ii) evidence of approval with a community organization for the service activity. All projects must be approved by the Service Learning Team. The faculty advisor will have criteria to use for evaluation of the reflection essay. A student will receive a PASS grade from the course director for successful completion of preparation, participation in 40 hours of service, and the reflection essay.

Additional information about course requirements and course forms are available at the MSU D2L group “Service Learning in the Community.” The D2L group also contains lists of possible service projects for students in each community campus.

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