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Learning about Health Care and Providing Service in Cuba

This College of Human Medicine Education Abroad Program in Cuba is a 1 credit elective that provides students with an introduction to health care in Cuba in comparison to the US health care system and opportunities to provide service to hospitals, clinics and the community. The program is provided in partnership with First Hand Aid in fulfillment of their mission; “To gather and distribute humanitarian and medical aid to the most marginalized Cubans giving them hope, dignity and the necessities of life and health.” Service begins in the months prior to travel, working with First Hand Aid Organization to assist with collection and inventory of medical supplies for the Cuban partners and culminates in the provision of those supplies on the visit in country. It is intended to give first and second year CHM students an introduction to a universal health care system where everyone is covered and to meet their 40 hours of service requirement.

Instructional Objectives

  1. Learn about the history of the Cuban health care system
  2. Comparison of Cuban and US health care systems and statistics
  3. Understand the limitations of food availability in Cuba and the First Hand Aid Meal Program response
  4. Provide service and medical supplies to the Cuban communities
  5. Provide organizational service to First Hand Aid

Faculty Course Director & Instructor

Jonelle Golding
A106 East Fee Hall, East Lansing, MI 48824