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Broadening Perspectives on Health Care in Costa Rica

This College of Human Medicine Education Abroad Program is a 1 credit elective that provides students with an introduction to health care in Costa Rica. The program is provided in partnership with IHCAI Institute. It is intended to give first and second year CHM students an introduction to a universal health care system where everyone is covered. In addition to the academic components, the program will also offer service opportunities with two non-government organizations that support breast cancer patients. Service will begin in the months prior to travel and culminate in the provision of supplies and service with patients in Costa Rica. This program will meet the CHM 40 hours of service requirement.

This elective is expected to relaunch in 2024.

Instructional Objectives

  1. Learn about the history and proposals for reform of the health care system
  2. Compare public and private health care
  3. Speak to patients about their experiences
  4. Learn about full-service rural health care clinics
  5. Learn about tropical diseases

Faculty Course Director & Instructor

Dr. Mieka Smart
200 E 1st Street, Flint, MI 48502