College of

Dean's Update

June 16, 2015

Dear Faculty, Staff, Students, Alumni and Friends of the College of Human Medicine,

It is with deeply mixed emotions that I tell you of my decision to accept a position at Virginia Commonwealth University, in Richmond Virginia, as Vice President for Health Sciences and Chief Executive Officer, VCU Health System. My last day at Michigan State University will be August 14, 2015.

The VP/CEO position at VCU allows me to lead across five health colleges and a superb health system that is the anchor institution and safety net for the people of Richmond, Virginia. The mission and the values of VCU are very much like those of MSU, leadership and service, science and health care to improve people’s lives. The schools of medicine, nursing, dentistry, pharmacy and allied health work closely with extensive services across a cancer center, a children’s hospital, a large quaternary specialty service, more than 1100 beds, serving more than 600,000 people per year in out patient and emergency department settings.

I tell you all of this so that you might understand my decision to leave the medical school and university that I so love, the place where I came of age as a physician, where I raised my family, and that inculcated the values and service to which I devote my life. This new opportunity, at this time in my life, is something that I must take.

Your commitment and determination extend our influence now to every corner of the state, brings us to firm financial footing with sound reserves and a plan to sustain them, generates research that changes lives, and graduates every year a class of physicians who stand shoulder to shoulder with the finest physicians in the world.

The work that we have done together over the past ten years, indeed, the past fifty years since our founding, is of dedication to innovation and meaningful education and research. It will not miss a beat because it is all of you who carry this work. It is my privilege to lead, but you are the fuel, the talent, the resourcefulness that propels us forward.

I will work closely with our leadership team and with the support of the Provost and President over the next two months to implement a smooth transition to new leadership. 

Marsha D. Rappley, MD
Dean, College of Human Medicine