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Dean's Updates

A Message from Dean Marsha D. Rappley, MD

February 21, 2011

Dear College of Human Medicine Faculty, Staff, Students and Alumni,

As a result of Synergy Medical Education board’s decision in December to remove MSU from a position of oversight of our medical education programs at the Saginaw hospitals, MSU College of Human Medicine will not renew our affiliation agreement with our Saginaw partners regarding medical students and graduate medical education when they expire as of June 2011.

At that time, we will not continue required rotations of our students in Saginaw at St. Mary’s of Michigan or Covenant Healthcare.  However, students will not be discouraged from taking elective rotations in Saginaw hospitals. In fact we hope that our students will take advantage of this opportunity because of the wonderful relationships they have developed over many years with our faculty in Saginaw.

Our current fourth year students in Saginaw will graduate in May. Our current third year students in Saginaw will complete their rotations as scheduled through June and complete the remaining required experiences in Flint, Midland and our others communities. 

We will NOT discontinue but seek to strengthen and expand our very successful program in Leadership in Medicine for the Underserved. This program began with a small group of three dedicated and talented students in Saginaw who took a commitment to the underserved to a new level of career development. It grew to have 20 students assigned (and some years more than 70 students applying!) each year. It includes leadership development skills as well as experiences in rural, urban and international settings. We will soon have more details about how this expanded program is developing with our community partners. 

For more than forty years Michigan State University College of Human Medicine has educated physicians in Saginaw and the surrounding communities. Because of this strong tradition of superb teaching and support for our medical education programs, MSU strengthened this commitment to mid Michigan through the College of Human Medicine Midland Regional Campus, announced in 2010. 

The Midland Regional Campus will open this summer and will continue to educate medical students in a larger number of locations throughout mid Michigan. The College of Human Medicine has affiliation agreements with MidMichigan Health, with programs in Midland, Alma, Gladwin and Clare, as well as working relationships with more than 300 physicians in the area.  

We regret the Synergy board’s decision, but must do what is in the best interest of our college and medical students.  We thank the faculty, staff and members of the greater Saginaw community for the many years of opportunity they made possible for the medical students of Michigan State University.

Marsha D. Rappley MD

Dean, College of Human Medicine