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Dean's Updates

A Message from Dean Marsha D. Rappley, MD

June 14, 2010

Dear College of Human Medicine Faculty, Staff, Students and Alumni,

We are pleased to announce that the College of Human Medicine was able to provide each 2010 graduating senior a parting scholarship of $2,000. We were fortunate, through planning and development efforts, to be able to make this possible.

This scholarship is part of a multi-pronged approach to help mitigate the burden of debt for our students. As many of you are aware, student indebtedness is a serious issue across the country, and one that threatens both our mission and our recruitment of the very best students.  The College is approaching the problem of student debt from many directions, simultaneously.

First is our campaign for student scholarships that began four years ago with the scholarships funded by new contributions from College of Human Medicine faculty and staff. That campaign resulted in the first full scholarship that the College has offered in its history. It is especially significant in that this was made possible from the contributions of the people who work day in and day out with our students. All of our contributions reflect the faith that our staff and faculty have in each student.  We know you, we are proud of you, and we want you to be successful! Other donors have also increased their support as we intensify our campaign efforts to raise new dollars for endowed scholarships. These provide the enduring support we need over time. We look forward to presenting new opportunities to help our students and the College over the next year. You will be hearing more! 

Second, the College is working to decrease the cost of our educational program. The staff and faculty of Academic Affairs have reorganized some courses so that they require fewer credits and, therefore, lower the cost of enrollment for selected semesters. Similarly, the faculty have been able to reduce the costs of books and supplies. In total, the reductions in credit hours and supplies will save students more than $10,000 over the course of their medical education.

Third, the College has been able to provide some funding for direct college-sponsored scholarships.  This year's parting scholarship to our graduates is an example of this. While the scholarships this year were given to all students in the graduating class, in the future, we plan to direct these scholarships toward students who enter shortage specialties in Michigan, do their residencies in our communities and have a history of service to underserved populations. This amount will grow as we increase our CHM scholarship endowment. 

Our heartfelt thanks goes out to all of you who have contributed to our scholarships for students. Whether you have contributed a small or large donation, your contribution tells our students that you believe in them and the contributions they each will make to improving health and solving the pressing problems of health care.

Congratulations again to our graduating seniors! You take us with you everywhere you go. We are proud to have you carry the reputation and embody the contributions that together, as the College of Human Medicine, we make to improving the lives of people across our state, our nation and our world.


Marsha D. Rappley, M.D.

Dean, College of Human Medicine