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The building's design concept integrates a sustainable approach in all its aspects, including the development of the site, the center's architectural quality and the health of its interior environment. Its exterior, comprised of cast stone, metal panel and glass curtain wall, harmonizes with its neighbors while assuming a distinct identity hallmarked by its four vertical "columns" of glass, one per facade. The Secchia Center's exterior expression is further enhanced by its integration of the parking stories on which it sits, giving it the appearance of a 13-story building. A rooftop garden provides a breathtaking view of the vibrant city below.

The building is designed to respond to its orientation, providing horizontal sun-shading to the south, and smaller punched window openings to the west, flanked by vertical fins to help mitigate the afternoon sun.

The lighting of the Secchia Center is conceptually revolutionary, with its integration of a building-wide lighting management system. This breakthrough technology is designed to significantly reduce the consumption of energy by automatically shutting down lights in unused rooms and rooms adequately lit from natural light. A subtle LED ribbon illuminates the southeast corner, providing a touch of Spartan green to the Secchia Center. The evening view is intended to lessen nighttime light pollution, and is designed to "glow" from within with use of the interior lighting designed to enhance the exterior expression after sundown.