Dean's Update

October 21, 2022 - Aron Sousa, MD


Let me encourage you to vote. In Michigan you can register online. And, in Michigan everyone can vote at home simply by applying to vote absentee. You do NOT need an excuse to vote at home and can ask for an absentee ballot online. In fact, I sent in my absentee ballot today. Whatever your political point of view, this is an important election, and MSUVOTE has non-partisan resources to help you. So, get registered, get educated and do your civic duty and vote. We need an active citizenry in this country.

You can be an active university citizen, too. Or you can be a more active and educated university citizen by attending the Teach-In on Academic Governance this afternoon at the STEM Building on campus. Or you can view the Livestream on the MSU Academic Governance channel. To view the live stream, please follow this link.  If you have been unable to keep up with events on campus, I suggest you read the October update from our own Karen Kelly-Blake, PhD. We expect Dr. Kelly-Blake to join us on the Dean’s Town Hall next week at noon, Friday, October 28.

Wayne McCullough, PhD, recipient of the MSU Outstanding Supervisor Award with Dean Sousa.As you will recall from prior updates, I have been doing some traveling. On Wednesday of this week, I managed to spend some quality time in Flint, Detroit, and East Lansing. In Flint, I joined the joyous celebration of Wayne McCullough, PhD, who received the MSU Outstanding Supervisor Award. Wayne is the director of our Master in Public Health degree program and the interim director of our Division of Public Health. The people of his programs nominated him for the MSU WorkLife Office’s award. The picture included with the update is of Wayne and I at the reception just before my detailed study of the cake quality at the event. The division has a strong history with awards – Linda Cornish won the Jack Breslin Distinguished Staff Award last year!

After the celebration in Flint, including the cake, I went to the MSU Detroit Center, where we had a reception celebrating the first Late Clinical Experience students at Henry Ford. I had a great time, and I particularly enjoyed watching our students interact with their MSU faculty from Henry Ford as well as prospective students from the Detroit area. I want to thank Melissa Kacos, Arlynn Dailey, Mark Brieve, and all of Jerry Kooiman’s team for setting up this event.

Next week, I am in Marquette as a make-up for the August trip thwarted by my case of COVID. The weather service has me feeling relatively optimistic.

Serving the people with you,


Aron Sousa, MD, FACP


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