Obituary: Andrew Michael Michelakis, MD, PhD

June 28, 2021

Andrew Michael Michelakis, MD, PhD, age 93, passed away June 28, 2021. He came to the College of Human Medicine in 1974, where he served as professor of pharmacology/toxicology.

Dr. Michelakis was also a physician at the MSU Clinical Center, specializing in hypertension, and served as a consultant to the Research and Development Committee for Drug Approval at the Upjohn Pharmaceutical Company, Kalamazoo, for 25 years.

In 1995, upon retirement from Michigan State University, Andrew was named Honorary Professor Emeritus, College of Human Medicine and Pharmacology. He was deeply invested in the success of the College of Human Medicine, the Clinical Center, and the Clinical Pharmacy, teaching, advising, and mentoring medical students, a true Spartan forever.