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Stories from 2015

The many faces of food fraud
Food Business News | December 29
Food Business News spoke with the paper’s co-authors John Spink, director of the Food Fraud Initiative and assistant professor in the MSU College of Veterinary Medicine, and Doug Moyer, assistant professor of public health in the MSU College of Human Medicine, about the prevalence of food fraud and how it can be prevented.

Spartans' special friend gets special visit
Lansing State Journal | December 28
Dr. Amy McIntosh, a native of Gladstone in the Upper Peninsula and an associate professor of orthopedic surgery and surgeon at the children’s hospital, is a graduate of MSU’s College of Human Medicine who operates on spine conditions such as Fitzsimmons’. “Patients like Rowan, we treat here all the time. It’s just so amazing that coach helped her realize just putting a little extra hard work in can make all the difference,” McIntosh said.

Opioid dependency peaks among younger age group
MSUToday | December 22
A Michigan State University study shows that 14- and 15-year-olds are at a higher risk of becoming dependent on prescription drugs within a 12-month period after using them extra-medically, or beyond the prescribed amount. The study, led by Maria A. Parker, a doctoral student, along with professor James C. Anthony, both in the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, is based on a nationally representative sample of 12- to 21-year-olds taken each year between 2002 and 2013. The survey sample focuses on what happens when young people start to use these drugs for other reasons.
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Newly published study gives more evidence of elevated lead in Flint kids
MLive | December 21
The American Journal of Public Health has published research by Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha that further details the rise in blood lead levels in children who drank Flint River water for as long as 17 months. Research was conducted by Hanna-Attisha; Jenny LaChance of Hurley Research Center; Richard Sadler of the MSU College of Human Medicine Division of Public Health; and Dr. Allison Champney Schnepp, pediatric resident at Hurley Children's Hospital and Michigan State University.

Doctors wish you some kind of Christmas
Detroit News | December 18
When it comes to indecipherable messages, the handwriting of some doctors looks like they flat-lined in midscribble. Building on that stereotype, the College of Human Medicine at Michigan State University decided to send out nearly 1,000 hilarious Christmas cards as written by a harried physician.

Kids' toxic test results raised alarm over water supply
MSNBC's The Rachel Maddow Show | December 18
Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, a pediatrician with Hurley Children's Hospital in Flint, Michigan, talks with Rachel Maddow about how the alarming results of lead testing in the city's children prompted her to raise the alarm about the toxicity of the new water supply the Rick Snyder administration insisted was safe.

Eating at certain Flint restaurants Tuesday will also help those who are medically underserved
ABC 12 | December 15
You have the chance to eat at some of your favorite Flint restaurants Tuesday and at the same time, help out those who are underserved in Michigan and around the world. It's a fundraiser between students in the Leadership in Medicine for the Underserved group at Michigan State University's College of Human Medicine and four Flint restaurants.
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Flint pediatrician: Out of water crisis, opportunity
Michigan Radio's State of Opportunity | December 14
Last week I wrote about concerns facing kids living in the city of Flint. The biggest concern as of late revolves around negative health impacts due to the water crisis. The fear is that the behavioral and health consequences will put already disadvantaged children in an even tougher position to get ahead. Since last week, I’ve talked with Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha a second time. She’s a pediatrician and child advocate working in Flint. She reminded me that despite the impact the water crisis has had on the city’s most vulnerable residents, it’s not all “doom and gloom.”

Nine MSU students receive Fulbright grants
MSU Today | December 8
The U.S. Department of Education recently awarded funding to nine MSU students, including fourth-year College of Human Medicine student Evan Milton. He will use his Fulbright scholarship in Honduras to study ways to improve the delivery of medical care there. 
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Dean Sousa discusses new Grand Rapids Research Center
WGVU's The Morning Show | December 7
Michigan State University College of Human Medicine's Dean Aron Sousa joins Shelley Irwin on the Morning Show to discuss the new Grand Rapids Research Center

MSU celebrates milestone for new research center
Grand Rapids Press | December 6
It was a largely symbolic ceremony, yet the topping off of the MSU Grand Rapids Research Center held great promise for the expansion of the College of Human Medicine's research capabilities.

2015 Healthcare Forum: Pursuing an empowered and health workforce
Lansing Regional Chamber | December 1
Dean Sienko, associate dean of prevention and public health with the MSU College of Human Medicine, was one of the featured speakers at the 2015 Healthcare Forum.

MSU 'tops off' downtown research center
Grand Rapids Business Journal | November 26
The Michigan State University College of Human Medicine recently held a “topping off” ceremony to celebrate a milestone in the construction of its six-story research center downtown and shared data on the project. Researchers and construction workers gathered last Thursday at the MSU College of Human Medicine Grand Rapids Research Center to watch as the last steel beam was raised, bearing an American flag to represent patriotism, an evergreen tree as a symbol of good luck and prosperity and an MSU Spartan flag.

Study counters long-time practice of prescribing more fertility hormones
MSUToday | November 23
A Michigan State University study has found that too much of a hormone commonly used during in vitro fertility, or IVF, treatments actually decreases a woman’s chances of having a baby. James Ireland conducted the research with co-author Valerie Baker, an infertility specialist from Stanford University. MSU College of Human Medicine researcher Barbara Luke, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology, and George Smith, a MSU professor in animal sciences, also contributed to the study, as well as Morton Brown, a University of Michigan biostatistics professor.
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Construction milestone achieved for MSU Grand Rapids Research Center
MSUToday | November 19
Michigan State University College of Human Medicine celebrated a construction milestone today, with the “topping off” of the MSU Grand Rapids Research Center. More than a dozen MSU researchers and 35 construction trade workers watched as the last construction beam was hoisted. On the beam were an American flag representing patriotism, an evergreen tree symbolizing good luck and prosperity, and an MSU Spartan flag representing the university’s commitment to the Grand Rapids community.
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Consider size when choosing a medical school
US News & World Reports | November 19
Larger institutions can also offer more variety for where students learn. At Michigan State University, for example, the midsize College of Human Medicine has more than five​ campuses. "Students have opportunities to train in a variety of different settings,"​ says Margaret Thompson, its interim associate dean for academic affairs​. MSU has about 190 first-year students start each year. 

MSU becomes first in US to offer for-credit learning in Cuban hospitals
MLive | November 18
Beginning in April 2016, 16 College of Human Medicine and College of Osteopathic Medicine students will take part in the new elective that will expose these future physicians to a health care system that has been a leader in identifying the social factors around disease and prevention when it comes to its public health.
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Down-syndrome screening: A one-parent test for a two-parent risk
The Atlantic | November 11
Research has shown that a father’s age can affect the risk of genetic abnormalities in a fetus, but current testing methods still don’t take it into account. While women who have children at age 35 or older are considered to be of “advanced maternal age,” the medical community has yet to define “advanced paternal age,” according to the geneticists Helga Toriello, Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, and Jeanne Meck, who co-authored a guideline for genetic counseling for older fathers.

Heart disease in auto workers: What are the risks?
WLNS TV 6 | November 10
We’ve been telling you how heart disease is the number one killer of men in America. But did you know that according to GM and the UAW, it was also the number cause of death and disability among auto-workers?

New hope for cardiac arrest patients
WLNS TV 6 | November 10
When your heart stops beating, your brain doesn’t get oxygen and that can lead to many serious problems. A Michigan State University professor is hoping to change that. He’s researching new technologies that could mark a shift in how we treat patients who suffer cardiac arrest. It’s called ECPR. “Every cardiac arrest patient suffers some form of brain injury. It’s not a question of if, it’s a question of to what degree,” said Dr. Joshua Reynolds, assistant professor of emergency medicine, Michigan State University College of Human Medicine.

True grit: Pediatrician proves Michigan community's water was poisoning children
American Academy of Pediatricians | November 11
Although the residents of Flint, Mich., had been complaining for months about the color, smell and taste of the community’s water, state and local officials maintained the water supply was safe. Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, assistant professor, MSU College of Human Medicine Department of Pediatrics and Human Development, however, was not convinced. A dinner party conversation with a water-quality expert stoked the Flint pediatrician’s curiosity and compelled her to seek evidence that would prove the water supply was toxic.

MSU research center leverages $1.6M grant for reconfigured I-196 ramps
MLive | November 10
A $1.6 million state grant will help reconfigure I-196 freeway ramps along the Medical Mile. The money from the Transportation Economic Development Fund also will rebuild Michigan Street and, north of downtown, Newberry Street. The work is planned in conjunction with Michigan State University's redevelopment of the former Grand Rapids Press headquarters at Michigan and Monroe Avenue NW.

Health science programs help spur development in West Michigan downtowns
MiBiz | November 8
Downtowns across West Michigan have transformed into destinations for some of the area’s leading life sciences and biomedical research institutions. For proof, one needn’t look beyond Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo where Michigan State University and Western Michigan University, respectively, have each made significant investments in medical learning and research facilities. Beyond the walls of the buildings, however, the projects have the potential to leverage both direct and indirect follow-on investment, according to development sources.

New GVSU health facility expected for 2018
GVSU Lanthorn | November 8
The building is yet another addition to GVSU’s presence on the “Medical Mile,” an area along Michigan Street that includes facilities such as the Cook-DeVos Center for Health Sciences, the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine Secchia Center and Spectrum Health’s Butterworth Hospital complex.

Panelists will discuss Alzheimer's disease at collaborative event
GV Now | November 5
Panelists will discuss research on early Alzheimer's disease as well as local resources during an event sponsored by Grand Valley, Spectrum Health and Michigan State University College of Human Medicine.

Study aims to reduce suicides after jail time
Macomb Legal News | November 2
Public health researchers in Michigan and Rhode Island are embarking on a study to seek ways to reduce suicides among recently released jail inmates. Michigan State University recently announced that Jennifer Johnson with the East Lansing school’s College of Human Medicine was awarded $6.8 million from the National Institute of Mental Health and National Institute of Justice to help examine the problem.

MSU medical student earns scholarship for commitment
Grand Rapids Press | November 1
During her rotation in obstetrics and gynecology, third-year College of Human Medicine student Kelly Ketchum, assisted in the delivery of a baby Tuesday. Over the weekend, she helped deliver five more. Those six deliveries were not Ketchum's first. On a medical mission the previous summer, she assisted in many deliveries in Uganda, where the facilities were less advanced than in the United States and the outcomes often less joyous.

Pine Rest focuses on becoming leader in psychiatry training
Grand Rapids Business Journal | October 30
“There is a shortage of mental health care providers across the country, including here in Michigan and West Michigan,” said Dr. William Sanders, Pine Rest/Michigan State University College of Human Medicine psychiatry residency program director. To help meet the growing demand for psychiatrists and to improve the quality of care in the community, Sanders said 10 years ago Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services began thinking about what it could do. It came up with two key solutions: attract quality providers in the form of trained clinicians and a supporting workforce, and utilize its existing affiliation with the MSU medical school to improve the academic environment in West Michigan.

Healthier communities start with healthy kids
ABC TV 10 | October 29
Mona Hanna-Attisha, MD, was interviewed before the Your Health Lecture "Healthier Communities Start with Healthy Kids" in Marquette.

Health Policy Forum
WLSN TV 6 | October 29
Dean Sienko, MD, was interviewed regarding the Lansing Health Policy Forum.

SVSU graduate overcomes medical struggles, moves on to medical school
Midland Daily News | October 28
After graduating SVSU in May with a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry, Whitehead has embarked on a 5-year path to a medical degree from Michigan State University College of Human Medicine. He started school at the East Lansing campus in July, enrolled in the school’s Advance Baccalaureate Learning Experience (ABLE) program, a year-long initiative offered by the College of Human Medicine for disadvantaged students. 
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Help is on the way for Flint kids
Detroit Free Press Online | October 25
To the panicked parents in Flint: Help is on the way. That's the message from doctors, university researchers and public health officials mobilizing to move an embattled city beyond shock and anger over its toxic water to a brighter next chapter — one that involves wrapping services around Flint's children to protect them from the worst effects of the lead that streamed through the city's water lines. "This is somewhat of an unprecedented situation. Usually when we talk about elevated blood-lead levels, it's about an individual child or an individual family situation. Here you have a large, communal source of lead," said Dr. Dean Sienko, associate dean for public health at Michigan State University's College of Human Medicine, which is helping lead the effort.
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MSU rolls with the changes amid dispute between Spectrum, Mercy Health Saint Mary's
MiBiz | October 25
No matter what happens with a Grand Rapids consortium that coordinates the placement of medical residents in the area, Aron Sousa intends to maintain a focus on students. As the interim dean at Michigan State University’s College of Human Medicine, Sousa takes no side in the disagreement between Spectrum Heath and Mercy Health Saint Mary’s over the future of Grand Rapids Medical Education Partners. Both health systems intend to sponsor their own residency programs, leaving in question exactly what role GRMEP will have in graduate medical education in Grand Rapids.

Early Alzheimer's diagnosis is topic of GVSU lecture
Grand Rapids Press | October 25
The public is invited to the Nov. 12 lecture, "Early Alzheimer's Diagnosis: Making Decisions and Promising Research," from 7-8 pm in the Cook-DeVos Center of Health Sciences.

MSU to expand rural health care program
WKAR "Current State" | October 15
People living in rural regions of our state face unique challenges when it comes to accessing healthcare. The Rural Community Health Program at MSU’s College of Human Medicine is trying to change that. We talk to the Rural Community Health Program’s director Dr. Andrea Wendling.
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Project Medical Education puts policymakers in medical students' shoes
AAMC Reporter | October 15
At Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, organizers host at least two PME events annually, alternating among the university’s seven campuses and inviting congressional staff from Washington, D.C., as well as state and local elected officials, according to Jerry Kooiman, MPA, assistant dean for external affairs at Michigan State. To bring the medical school experience to life, visitors take part in the same simulation exercises as students, from learning how to take a patient’s blood pressure to how to intubate someone suffering cardiac arrest. Later, they get a personalized view of the residency process, with each guest receiving a sealed envelope containing his or her residency program match.

Flint doctor makes state tell truth about lead in water
Detroit Free Press | October 10
Under the steady gaze of a watercolor giraffe and tissue paper butterflies, a Flint pediatrician and mother of two last month forced the state of Michigan to snap to attention. But getting the state to concede the probability that Flint’s water is poisoning its children with lead — after months of assurances from both city and state officials that the water is safe — was far from easy. It required Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, 38, to sidestep bureaucracy. It meant awkward conversations and putting her hospital — city-owned Hurley Medical Center — smack-dab in a political minefield.
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$4.15M grant explores how diet and sunscreen may increase breast cancer risk
MSU Today | October 9
Two Michigan State University researchers have been awarded a five-year, $4.15 million grant to examine how a high-fat diet interacts with a common chemical found in sunscreen and what effect it has on breast cancer risk.
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Flint's water woes finally see state action
Modern Healthcare | October 8
After allowing months of foot-dragging from state and local officials, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder last week finally initiated steps to reduce heightened lead levels in the city of Flint's water supply.

Dogs, like people, need surgery to repair cleft palates
Associated Press | October 7
Bryden Stanley, chief of surgery for small animals at Michigan State University's College of Veterinary Medicine, and John Girotto, at the MSU College of Human Medicine and director of craniofacial surgery at Helen DeVos Children's Hospital in Grand Rapids, plan to have the dogs they treat for cleft palates trained to help kids having the same surgery.

College of Human Medicine expands Rural Community Health Program
MSU Today | October 7
Michigan State University College of Human Medicine has announced the expansion of its Rural Community Health Program in mid-Michigan and the Thumb area. The intent of the program is to prepare future physicians with the skills to practice within evolving community-based rural health networks.
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Eat, sit and die. Health Care Summit addresses behavioral choices and resulting trends
Grand Rapids Business Journal | October 2
Prolonged sitting is a serious condition in America today. During the Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce’s 2015 Health Care Summit, keynote speaker Dr. Dean Sienko presented emerging trends and issues influencing health care from a public health perspective to an audience of more than 250 community leaders, business executives and human resource professionals.

Two common medicines found to fight deadly childhood cancer
MSU Today | October 2
A combination of two medicines long used for treating other illnesses can stop the growth of a deadly childhood cancer, according to a recent study by a Michigan State University College of Human Medicine researcher who has a history of finding new uses for old drugs.
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Flint inmates on suicide watch part of multi-million dollar study
MLive | September 28
A researcher will spend four years tracking Genesee County Jail inmates in hopes of saving future prisoners from suicide. Currently, it's estimated that 10 percent of all suicides involve legal issues such as an arrest or jailing and half of all those who commit suicide aren't in treatment. Jennifer Johnson, Charles Stewart Mott endowed professor of public health at Michigan State University, wants to learn if there's more that can be done to help reduce suicide after detainees are released from jail.

Elevated lead found in more Flint kids after water switch, study finds
MLive | September 24
More Flint infants and children are being found with elevated levels of lead in their blood since the city switched to using the Flint River as its water source, according to a new study by a Hurley Medical Center doctor. The data show that the percentage of Flint infants and children with above average lead levels has nearly doubled citywide, and has nearly tripled among children in "high risk" areas of lead exposure, according to the study. 
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Study aims to reduce suicides after jail time
MSU Today | September 22
A Michigan State University public health researcher is embarking on a first-of-a-kind study that will look to reduce suicides among recently released jail detainees. Jennifer Johnson, PhD, Charles Stewart Mott Endowed Professor of Public Health at MSU College of Human Medicine, has landed a $6.8 million grant from the National Institute of Mental Health and National Institute of Justice to keep those who serve jail time from taking their own lives. Currently, it’s estimated that 10 percent of all suicides involve legal issues such as an arrest or jailing and half of all those who commit suicide aren’t in treatment.
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Jeff Dwyer tapped to lead MSU Extension
September 14
Fred Poston, dean of the Michigan State University College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, announced today that Jeff Dwyer will become interim director of MSU Extension, effective Jan. 1, 2016. Dwyer replaces Ray Hammerschmidt, who will resume his research and teaching roles in the MSU Department of Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences. Dwyer is a senior associate dean in the MSU College of Human Medicine with primary responsibilities related to research and community engagement. 

Collaboration brings health research to northern community campus
MSU Today | September 11
Michigan State University College of Human Medicine has announced a health research collaboration with UP Health System - Marquette and Northern Michigan University. The collaboration is part of MSU’s statewide initiative to bring academic health research to each of its community campuses.
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Research Reprots: Thirty Years Training Rural Physicians
Academic Medicine Express Newsletter | September 12
Comparing specialty choice and practice location for RPP and all MSU-CHM graduates shows that RPP graduates meeting program goals and from the UP region have increased over time. 

Pre-med, medical students, physicians and researchers network at Keweenaw Medical Conference
MSU Today | September 11
Dehlin said that in addition to the students from Tech several pre-med students from Northern Michigan University attended the conference as did several medical students enrolled in the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine.

$5.67M grant helps researchers identify early signs of Alzheimer's
MSU Today | September 10
A new Michigan State University study, aimed at identifying early signs of Alzheimer’s disease among Latinos and Hispanics, could help delay or even prevent its onset thanks to a $5.67 million, 5-year grant from the National Institute on Aging.
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White Coat Ceremony welcomes MSU's new medical students
WZZM TV 13 | August 30
The next generation of medical professionals will soon start class in Grand Rapids. Michigan State University's College of Human Medicine held its white coat ceremony Saturday afternoon. It is the symbolic beginning of the four year journey into the medical profession.

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MSU med students start year with day of service
WLNS TV 6 | August 27
An army of Michigan State University students are starting the school year off by helping the community. More than 180 students from MSU’s College of Human Medicine spread across the Lansing and Grand Rapids areas for the college’s annual afternoon of community service.
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What to know before getting a medical alert tattoo
US News & World Reports | August 20
It's unknown how many people have medical alert tattoos like Miller's, since no organization tracks them, says Dr. Saleh Aldasouqi, chief of endocrinology in Michigan State University's College of Human Medicine who brought attention to the issue in 2011, when he published a case study about a patient with diabetes who had a tattoo in lieu of medical alert jewelry. Even patients can hesitate to tell doctors they've gotten such tattoos or are thinking about it, due to varying social and religious views on tattooing, Aldasouqi says.

Helping dogs (and humans) to heal
MSUToday | August 19
Doctors in MSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine and College of Human Medicine teamed up to perform an uncommon cleft palate surgery on a dog, using a technique that will benefit both humans and man’s best friend.
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MSU medical school dean departs after decade of expansion
Lansing State Journal | August 17
A key figure in the expansion of Michigan State University’s College of Human Medicine has moved on after a decade at the helm. Marsha Rappley, appointed dean in 2006, oversaw the medical college’s substantial growth in Grand Rapids, including the completion of the $90 million Secchia Center. The 180,000 square foot facility hosts classes for 100 pre-clinical medical students and since 2010 has served as the college’s headquarters.

More medical school grads means more competition for clerkships
Crain's Detroit Business | August 9
Last month, Michigan State University College of Human Medicine struck a five-year deal with Providence Hospital in Southfield to establish MSU's seventh community campus, the first in Southeast Michigan. Over the next several years, Providence will host a total of 60 of MSU's third and fourth year students. MSU's medical school has a 200 student enrollment, up from 156 in 2007, said Aron Sousa, M.D., senior associate dean for academics at MSU. 

Fulbright winner to study efficiency in Honduras
MSU Today | August 9
Evan Milton is a fourth-year student in the MSU College of Human Medicine and Fulbright Scholarship winner who will return to Honduras this fall to study public health and improvements to medical care.
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Sousa recommended as interim dean of MSU College of Human Medicine
MSU Today | August 7
Aron Sousa, MD, senior associate dean for academic affairs in the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, will be recommended as interim dean of the medical college, succeeding Dean Marsha Rappley, who has served in the position since 2006.
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New children's clinic opens inside Flint Farmers Market
WNEM TV 5 | August 7
This place is also great for local college students, especially medical students at the MSU College of Human Medicine. “I think it will allow the students to see health and well-being for children, not just with the prevention of disease,” said Keith English, professor of pediatrics at Michigan State College of Human Medicine.
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Early Assurance 'pipeline' ensures well-qualified premedical students
MSU Today | August 6
The Michigan State University College of Human Medicine has expanded its premedical education “pipeline” program in Northern Michigan adding two community colleges to its Early Assurance Program, or EAP. Northwestern Michigan College in Traverse City and Bay College in Escanaba will be participating in the EAP, where premedical students transferring to partnering universities will have a greater opportunity for admission to the medical school. They join 13 other Michigan public and private colleges and universities who are already in the program.
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Northwestern Michigan College pre-med students eligible for Early Assurance Program
August 5
Michigan State University (MSU), MSU College of Human Medicine and Northwestern Michigan College (NMC) have agreed to establish a cooperative program of premedical education by which NMC students who transfer as undergraduate premedical students to Michigan State University will have the opportunity to be granted an enhanced opportunity for admission to MSU College of Human Medicine.
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Scientists set sights on glaucoma medication to treat TB
Science Daily | July 23
A new discovery by Michigan State University scientist Robert Abramovitch suggests that a common medication used to treat glaucoma could also be used to treat tuberculosis, even the drug-resistant kind.
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MSU's mission to train rural doctors
Bridge Magazine | July 21
For more than 40 years, would-be physicians have learned first-hand what it means to practice medicine in the sparsely populated Upper Peninsula. The 12 students admitted each year to Michigan State University’s College of Human Medicine Rural Physician Program get a stiff dose of the challenges, spending all of their third and fourth year of medical school in the U.P.
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MSU, Providence Hospital to establish medical school campus
Crain's Business Detroit | July 21
The partnership creates the MSU College of Human Medicine's seventh community campus, the East Lansing school said Tuesday. Providence Hospital is part of St. John Providence.
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MSUToday Daily Pride Point: July 15, 2015 - Construction of the MSU Grand Rapids Research Center will add 728 jobs and have a $95 million economic impact. More >>

Construction of MSU Grand Rapids Research Center adds 728 jobs; $95M economic impact
MSU Today | July 14
With construction underway for the new Michigan State University Grand Rapids Research Center, officials from MSU, Clark Construction Company and Rockford Construction announced measures of economic impact that construction alone will have on the West Michigan economy.
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Coaching the coaches
Grand Rapids Press | July 5
Ten Michigan State University head coaches gathered around the patient, a computerized manikin that breathes, has a pulse, reacts to treatments and, in some cases, dies. These men and women who lead their own Big Ten sports teams were learning what it means to be members of a different kind of team.
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MSU begins capital campaign for new Grand Rapids Research Center
MiBiz | July 5
Michigan State University will seek to raise about $30 million to help pay for the $88.1 million biomedical research center that will add to the growing research cluster in Grand Rapids.

New drug for neuroblastoma shows promise in phase I study
Medical News Today | July 2
Dr. Sholler's laboratory investigated the effectiveness of combining DFMO with the drug etoposide. She incorporated early work performed by Dr. Andre Bachmann, professor of pediatrics and human development at Michigan State University College of Human Medicine. Dr. Bachmann's work identified the relationship of this drug targeting the ODC gene in neuroblastoma. Dr. Sholler then designed and led a clinical trial to test the combination of drugs in children being treated for the disease at sites participating in the NMTRC. Dr. Sholler and NMTRC are now testing this concept in a Phase II clinical trial to prevent relapse.

Celebrating commencement
Grand Rapids Press | June 28
Michigan State University College of Human Medicine Dean Marsha D. Rappley, MD, conferred degrees for 181 medical doctors May 16 at the Breslin Student Events Center in East Lansing.

Gran Fondo raises thousands for skin cancer research
WZZM 13 | June 27
 It means "big ride" in Italian. And Saturday morning hundreds of cyclists gathered in downtown Grand Rapids to take part in the MSU Gran Fondo.

Cyclists participate in 3rd annual MSU Gran Fondo
FOX 17 | June 27
Cyclists gathered in downtown Grand Rapids Saturday morning to ride in the MSU Gran Fondo.

Research center seen as catalyst
Grand Rapids Business Journal | June 26
As the second research center in the downtown Grand Rapids area, the impact of Michigan State University College of Human Medicine’s new facility could create a ripple effect of economic activity.

Spartans sponsor 'B1G' bike ride to stop skin cancer
Big Ten Network Live Big | June 26
The phrase “Gran Fondo,” which means “big ride” in Italian, has been applied to mass-participation cycling events all over the world. But when it comes to impact, bike rides don’t get much bigger than the one Michigan State will be holding tomorrow.

Nearly 2K cyclists participating in MSU Gran Fondo in GR
WOOD TV | June 26
Thousands of cyclists are expected to participate in the 3rd annual MSU Gran Fondo this weekend. The non-competitive cycling event raises money for Michigan State University College of Human Medicine’s skin cancer research.

"Rolling Party" for a good cause: MSU's Gran Fondo rides out this Saturday
The Rapidian | June 25
In a short three years, the Michigan State University Gran Fondo cycling event has exploded into one of Grand Rapids’ most popular summer activities. This Saturday, June 27, as many as 1,800 cyclists are expected to take part in Gran Fondo (Italian for “big ride”), a benefit event that raises funds for MSU’s College of Human Medicine and its efforts to fight skin cancer.

MSU professor, skin cancer survivor rides for research
Lansing State Journal | June 25
Now eight years cancer-free, Roman has full use of her hand and is back to full health. This weekend, she’s giving back through her love of cycling. Roman plans to ride 25 miles Saturday in the 3rd annual MSU Gran Fondo, a noncompetitive, long distance group bike ride that raises money and awareness for skin cancer research at the Michigan State University’s College of Human Medicine.

Cyclist keeps father's memory alive with Gran Fondo
MLive | June 22
Brian VanZweden is a competitive cyclist except when it comes to the Gran Fondo, an event that takes on far deeper meaning for him than any time or finish. The 40-year-old from Grand Rapids will be at the third annual event Saturday put on by the Michigan State College of Heath Medicine to support skin cancer awareness, prevention and research.
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Third annual Gran Fondo set for next weekend
Fox 17 | June 20
Next Saturday, June 27th is the third annual “Gran Fondo” bicycling event in downtown Grand Rapids.  The bike ride is made up of 12,  25,  40 and 80 mile courses which benefit skin cancer awareness and is put on by the MSU College of Human Medicine.  The event has already raised nearly $300,000 in its first two years.  

Grand Fondo bike ride raises awareness for skin cancer
WZZM TV 13 | June 20
Bicyclists will be taking over grand rapids, riding dozens of miles, all for a good cause. The Gran Fondo is a non-competitive bike ride, sponsored by the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, to raise awareness for skin cancer. Robert Hughes, president of Advantage Benefits Group, stopped by the studio to explain why the event has become so popular.

New GR research center elevates MSU's profile in search for new med school dean
MiBiz | June 19
Development of an $88.1 million biomedical research center in Grand Rapids should provide a boost to Michigan State University’s recruitment process for a new medical school dean. 

MSU: $88.1 million research center to boost Grand Rapids-area economy
Crain's Detriot Business | June 19
Michigan State University's new $88.1 million biomedical research center in Grand Rapids will strengthen the area's economic future, school officials said Thursday.

Summer, safety & scenery: Best bets for cycling on West Michigan's trails
Rapid Growth | June 18
the Michigan State University Gran Fondo utilizes a scenic West Michigan trail for one of its four course routes. Taking place this year on Saturday, June 27, the annual Gran Fondo is a non-competitive cycling event designed to raise awareness and funds for skin cancer research. All cyclists participate in fundraising, even children, whose admission fee is waived for ages twelve and under, making this a fun, accessible event for families.

Era of discovery begins with groundbreaking of new MSU Research Center
MSU Today | June 18
A new era of medical discovery began this morning, as ground was broken for the Michigan State University Grand Rapids Research Center. The $88.1 million, six-story, 162,800-square-foot facility will include research program spaces and five core labs that will benefit MSU College of Human Medicine scientists and researchers from MSU’s partnering institutions. The core labs include bioinformatics, flow cytometer, long-term storage, and analytical and advanced microscopy.
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Dean Marsha Rappley to leave Michigan State University College of Human Medicine
June 16 | MLive
Dr. Marsha Rappley announced Tuesday, June 16, that she is leaving her position as dean of Michigan State University's College of Human Medicine.
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A 'haunting plot,' but family asks: Is teen overcharged?
Detroit Free Press | June 13
Frank Ochberg, a clinical psychiatry professor at Michigan State University, was director of the Michigan Department of Mental Health in 1979-81. It was the era when psychiatric hospitals that institutionalized people were closed across Michigan.
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Izzo, Dantonio, other MSU coaches are doctors for a day
MLive | June 12
Head coaches from Michigan State University learned how to function on a different team, and in a different field, during a medical team-building exercise in Grand Rapids on Tuesday, June 9. They stepped into the roles of doctor and med student while visiting the College of Human Medicine and Spectrum Health. 

Breweries partner on Gran Fondo beer
Grand Rapids Business Journal | June 10
A pair of breweries have teamed up to celebrate a cycling event. B.O.B.'s Brewery in Grand Rapids and New Holland Brewing Co. brewed up a special beer for the MSU Gran Fondo.

Planners seek to make Grand Rapids' Medical Mile a healthy place to live, not just work
Crain's Detroit Business | June 7
Nearly $1 billion in private investment helped create Grand Rapids' Medical Mile — a roughly one-square-mile area on the northeast side of the city where 50,000 people work and study every day in the health care, educational and research institutions along Michigan Street. Now city, community and business leaders want to make it possible for those people to live in the Michigan Street corridor, whose neighborhoods to the north and south surround it.

Gran Fondo races to finish off skin cancer
MSU Today | May 28
In a full sprint toward increasing rider participation and fundraising for Michigan State University College of Human Medicine’s skin cancer research program, on Saturday, June 27, the MSU Gran Fondo will enter its third year of becoming West Michigan's biggest and best cycling event.

Flint's MSU med students raise $12,000 for Flint Schools
ABC TV 12 | May 27
The future is a little brighter for kids in Flint thanks to the support of fourth year med-school students.
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MSU Gran Fondo is more than just a bike ride
WZZM TV 13's Take Five & Company | May 26
It is more than just a bike ride. Dr. Marsha Rappley, dean of Michigan State University College of Human Medicine talks about the upcoming MSU Gran Fondo on June 27.

MSU volunteers aid Syrian refugees
Lansing State Journal | May 26
The Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan is a world away from the green college campus Dr. Hend Azhary sees every day. "It's in the middle of a desert area with no grass, no trees around you," said Azhary, a family physician for Michigan State University's College of Human Medicine. "Very limited resources, Subhuman conditions.

MSU College of Human Medicine holds commencement
WLNS TV 6 Evening News | May 16
Tonight Michigan State University sends more than 150 new Spartan doctors out into the world after spending the last two years in hospitals and clinics across the state. 181 students came back to East Lansing today and walked away as physicians. This year's graduation set a record for the College of Human Medicine as nine graduates are active duty military and will now serve as doctors to the Air Force, Army and Navy.

MSU grad becoming doctor, Air Force captain, wife in one weekend
MLive | May 15
This weekend will be one Anna Schaar will never forget. As if graduating medical school, becoming a doctor and getting promoted in the U.S. Air Force all on Saturday weren't enough, the next day Schaar will mark another huge milestone: Her wedding.
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Two MSU College of Human Medicine students training in Eastern Upper Peninsula
Sault St. Marie Evening News | May 7
Each year, a handful of students are selected for the RPP, which offers enriched training to students who have an interest and passion for providing care to patients in rural, underserved areas. In the Eastern Upper Peninsula, Jim Sawyer will be training with Timothy Tetzlaff, DO, Robert Mackie, MD, John Ockenfels, DO, and Amy Postma, DO, at Riverside Medical Associates in Sault Ste. Marie. Tim Smith will be training with Jeffrey Peterman, MD, Timothy O’Connor, MD, and Joe Garlinghouse, MD, at Bridgeview Family Medicine, also in Sault Ste. Marie.
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MSU Gran Fondo rolls ahead with increased expectations
Grand Rapids Press | May 3
The Michigan State University College of Human Medicine enters its third year in a full sprint toward an increase in rider participation for the MSU Gran Fondo on June 27.

Medical students help raise money for Flint students and teachers
NBC TV 25 | May 3
More than 100 runners lined up for the third annual Flintstone Challenge 5K in Flint on Sunday morning. But the run is more than just a morning jog, the money raised ends up going directly into classrooms in Flint Community Schools. Four year residency students at Michigan State University College of Human Medicine organized the race and donate all of the proceeds to the Flint Classroom Project Fund.
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Teaming up against skin cancer
Big Ten Cancer Research Consortium | May 1
During National Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month, Big Ten Cancer Research Consortium member institutions are helping to raise awareness of skin cancers while advancing scientific knowledge through research that is making a difference in the lives of patients.

Retired Astronaut tours Parkinson's research labs 
WZZM TV 13 | April 29
Retired Astronaut Lt. Col. Richard Clifford visited MSU College of Human Medicine researchers on April 29 to learn more about Parkinson's research. The Ford Museum will show the documentary "The Astronaut's Secret" about Clifford's life as an Astronaut with Parkinson's disease.

Work-related deaths down; Homicides may be on the rise
MSU Today | April 24
Early figures from an annual report indicate that the number of workplace deaths in Michigan has decreased, but work-related homicides may be rising. Kenneth Rosenman, chief of Michigan State University College of Human Medicine's Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine studies work-related illnesses, injuries and deaths to help the state of Michigan prevent future incidents.
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Teaching medical students to cook
MSU Extension | April 20
Michigan State University College of Human Medicine second year students Jillian Lapinski and Natalie Brenders approached Michigan State University Extension’s office at the Grand Rapids Downtown Market in 2013, seeking a partnership for an elective course. After some discussion and research, Michigan State University Extension and the medical students worked to launch a one credit elective cooking class for first and second year College of Human Medicine students.

Final girders fall their own way on old Grand Rapids Press building
MLive | April 17
A pair of cranes then pushed the final two 40-foot-high columns onto the stubborn girders that stood askew atop the rubble of the site that will become the future home of Michigan State University's new $85.1 million Grand Rapids Research Center.
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Watch: Last of old GR Press building torn down
WOOD TV 8 | April 17
Crews knocked down the final beams of the old Grand Rapids Press building on Friday, making way for MSU's new Biomedical Research Center.

Jana and Lara Baatenburg prove identical twins who run together, stay together (usually)
MLive | April 13
The 27-year-old graduates from Unity Christian and Calvin College are in their third year at Michigan State in hopes of becoming family medical physicians. Between studies and working nights and weekends, they don't have much time to run. Think nights - like early a.m. or very late p.m. 

Director of Hurley's pediatric residency program gets MSU distinguished faculty award
MLive | April 10
Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha is the recipient of Michigan State University's 2015 William B. Weil, Jr., MD Endowed Distinguished Pediatric Faculty Award.

Match Day reveals future for MSU College of Human Medicine students
Marquette Mining Journal | April 10
The Michigan State University College of Human Medicine Upper Peninsula Region recently announced results of Match Day for 11 graduating medical students.

Trip offers rare access to Cuban health system
Grand Rapids Press | April 5
Luke Fischer concedes he was a little nervous when he first proposed a trip to Cuba for himself and nin other Michigan State University College of Human Medicine students. He and his father, Dr. William Telford, a Grand Rapids anesthesiologist, had traveled to Cuba in 2009 with First-Hand Aid, a Grand Rapids charity that delivers medical supplies to hospitals and clinics in Cuba.

Alzheimer's bills would bring HOPE to families, patients of disease, Michigan Sen. Debbie Stabenow says
MLive | April 1
Dr. Scott Counts from Michigan State University's College of Human Medicine discusses Alzheimer's disease research during forum at Senior Services in Kalamazoo, MI on Wednesday April 1, 2015.
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Graffiti artist ‘tags’ former Grand Rapids Press site in its final hours
A graffiti artist who "tags" buildings and walls around the city with the moniker, "ASIS ZANI," struck the former Grand Rapids Press building in its final hours. The 4.3-acre site is now owned by Michigan State University, which plans to build an $85 million biomedical research facility there. 
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DEQ awards $1 million grant for cleanup at MSU site
MiBiz | March 30
The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality has announced a $1 million grant to assist the city of Grand Rapids with cleanup efforts at the future site of the Biomedical Research Center being built by Michigan State University’s College of Human Medicine.
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Wrecking the Press building: Wheels of progress turning dirt again on Michigan Street
MLive | March 29
The biomedical research facility replacing the Press building will be a "gateway to the Medical Mile," said Vennie Gore, a Michigan State University vice president, when trustees approved the $85 million construction project on the 4.3-acre site.

Changes are on the horizon
Grand Rapids Press | March 29
EDITORIAL: The rebirth of the former Grand Rapids Press site into a Michigan State University medical research center is a promising development for Grand Rapids and the region.
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Gear up to ride for food, charity and fun at the MSU Gran Fondo
WOTV TV | March 29
Gear up for this year’s MSU Gran Fondo and enjoy delicious foods, microbrews and live music, for a great cause.

After much anticipation, MSU medical students match with residencies
The State News | March 27
After spending countless hours at the hospital while her father battled colon cancer, fourth year human medicine student Angie Buttigieg learned to appreciate the kind nurses and doctors that supported her family. She said she used this experience to shape the type of physician she hopes to become. Last week, Buttigieg was one among other medical students that received an envelope at the Match Day ceremony. Enclosed was a letter explaining where they would spend the next three to seven years furthering their education as residents.

Old Grand Rapids Press building coming down
WOOD TV 8 | March 26
Crews are knocking down the old Grand Rapids Press building. The building is located on Michigan Street between Monroe and Ottawa Avenues in downtown Grand Rapids. By the end of Thursday afternoon, its entire west wall had been pulled down.

Grand Rapids Press building demolished:  What we know about the future of the site
MLive | March 23
After three weeks of internal demolition work at the former Grand Rapids Press building, demolition crews began working in earnest to take down the 49-year-old downtown landmark on Monday, March 23.
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Vietnamese refugees are proud parents at daughter's MSU med school Match Day
MLive | March 20
Thirty-five years after Phuong and Thuy-Lien Nguyen arrived in the U.S. as refugees from Vietnam, they watched as their daughter Kim celebrated Match Day - the culmination of four years of medical school. They sat nervously as their daughter and 80 classmates at Michigan State University's College of Human Medicine in Grand Rapids were handed envelopes on Friday, March 20, that notified them of the location of their residencies.
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MSU med students cheer, jump, cry as they hold first Match Day in new Flint campus building
MLive | March 20
The clock struck noon and for two dozen students in Flint, four years of medical school came down to opening a single envelope. All at once, about 25 fourth-year Michigan State University medical students  each opened opened their letter that told them where they would be matched for their residency work.
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Time change concern for diabetics
WILX NBC TV 10 | March 7
As we spring forward this weekend, you'll be waking up to darker mornings. Dr. Saleh Aldasouqi, associate professor of medicine at Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, says this time change can be a serious problem for those with diabetes who rely on insulin pumps.

Demolition underway at former Grand Rapids Press building
MLive | March 3
Demolition crews are starting work at the former Grand Rapids Press headquarters with the goal of clearing the site by the end of May, a spokeswoman for Michigan State University said Tuesday, March 3. The building will be demolished for $3 million to make room for an $85.1 million Grand Rapids Biomedical Research Building at the northeast corner of Michigan Street and Monroe Avenue NW.

Brain Awareness Week
WJRW 1340 AM | March 11
Kathy Steece-Collier, PhD, spoke with Dave Jaconette on “Sound Off West Michigan” about the upcoming Brain Awareness Week Neuroscience Fair at the Grand Rapids Public Museum.

MSU researcher awarded fellowship to study infertility
Grand Rapids Press | March 1
The competition was tough, but Amanda Patterson, a College of Human Medicine post-doctoral researcher, has won a prestigious National Institutes of Health fellowship to study one of the leading causes of infertility in women.

See who won West Michigan’s 2015 Addy Awards
MLive | February 27
Extra Credit Projects won a gold Addy for its Michigan State University College of Human Medicine billboard and Golden Gala Wharton Center designs.

Health officials report truths and myths about vaccinations
WLNS TV 6 | February 26
One interesting fact is that day care providers, health care providers, and even teachers are not required by law to get vaccinations. Now, whether or not they choose to, that’s up to them. That’s why Dr. Dean Sienko, Associate Dean for Prevention and Public Health at Michigan State University College of Human Medicine says no matter how old you are, people need to get vaccinated.
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School, health officials urge vaccinations following whooping cough cases at Davison schools
MLive | February 19
Dr. Paul Lazar, director of McLaren's residency program and associate professor in Michigan State University's College of Human Medicine, said booster shots for whooping cough are now available for pregnant woman and adults.

The first nine months shape lifelong health
MLive | February 17
Inadequate care can lead to complications for a baby and can impact his or her adult life. Dr. Richard Leach will explain "How the First Nine Months Shape a Child's Entire Life" on Feb. 26 in Mott Community College's Event Center. Dr. Leach is professor and chair of the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Biology at Michigan State University College of Human Medicine.

Fat Tuesday at The B.O.B. highlights gumbo & MSU Gran Fondo
WZZM TV 13 | February 17
The event held at The B.O.B. on Fat Tuesday benefits the MSU Gran Fondo.

Schools construct Health Careers Pipeline program
Grand Rapids Business Journal | February 13
Three area academic institutions are rolling out an innovative program designed to empower high school students to pursue careers in the health professions with the help of college and medical student mentors.

MSU officials approve $85.1M research facility
Grand Rapids Business Journal | February 13
During an MSU board of trustees meeting Feb. 6, the board authorized the expansion of research capabilities in Grand Rapids by constructing an approximately $85.1 million biomedical research facility at 155 Michigan St. NW upon the demolition of the former Grand Rapids Press Building. Demolition will begin in March.

Pair of proposed new projects drives development activity in Grand Rapids
MiBiz | February 15
The recent announcements of a proposed speculative office tower and the unveiling of plans for Michigan State University’s long-anticipated Biomedical Research Center in Grand Rapids point to heightened demand for modern facilities in the city’s central business district.

Immunization obligation? Disease outbreaks put public health against personal choice
Lasing City Pulse | February 10
An outbreak, according to Dr. Dean Sienko, associate dean for prevention and public health at the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, is “one case more than you would expect to have.” So if there had been only 20 cases of a disease yearly and it went to 21 another year, it counts as an outbreak.

MSU honors Dean Rappley with 2015 Robert F. Banks Award for Institutional Leadership
February 10
At the annual MSU Awards Convocation ceremony on February 10, Masha D. Rappley, MD, dean of the College of Human Medicine, was honored with the Robert F. Banks Award for Institutional Leadership. This award recognizes extraordinary and sustained institutional leadership that advances MSU's commitment to connectivity, quality and inclusion. 

Health experts push higher measles vaccination rate
WKAR Radio | February 9
The spike in measles cases is largely attributed to a rise in the number of unvaccinated people, especially children. Authorities suggest the number of vaccination waivers has risen to a level that makes it a factor. Current State host Mark Bashore talks with Ingham County Health Officer Linda Vail, and Dr. Dean Sienko, Associate Dean for Prevention and Public Health at the MSU College of Human Medicine.

Simon leads 10 years of growth at MSU
Lansing State Journal | February 7
The process of setting up the medical school's Grand Rapids campus began under Simon's predecessor, M. Peter McPherson. But she's the one who carried it through, convincing skeptics that an expansion wasn't going to pull vital resources away from Lansing hospitals and the East Lansing campus.
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Board of Trustees approves construction of Grand Rapids Biomedical Research Center
MSU Today | February 6
The Michigan State University Board of Trustees authorized the administration to expand the university's research capabilities in Grand Rapids by constructing a biomedical research facility on the site of the former Grand Rapids Press building.
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MSU College of Human Medicine, Grand Rapids schools announce ‘Health Careers Pipeline’ program
MLive | February 4
Estefany Perez donned her stethoscope for a blood pressure simulation Wednesday, Feb. 4, during the new "Health Careers Pipeline" program announced by Grand Rapids Public Schools, Michigan State University and Grand Valley State University.
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White House seeks $100 million for FRIB
Lansing State Journal | February 2
Research that will be done at the facility will expand understanding of the origins of the stars and planets, advance medical technologies and strengthen research related to defense and the life sciences. 

Eight diet and exercise mistakes that age you
Prevention | February 2
If you want to sweeten up your tea or oatmeal without making your skin look older, try all-natural stevia. It's an easily digested herbal sweetener that doesn't trigger glycation, according to board-certified dermatologist Nicholas Perricone, MD, an adjunct professor of medicine at Michigan State University's College of Human Medicine.

Member feature: Michigan State University Breslin Cancer Center
Big Ten Cancer Research Consortium | February 1
A conversation with Anas Al-Janadi, MD, medical director of the Michigan State University Breslin Cancer Center, which is a member of the Big Ten Cancer Research Consortium.

Michael J. Fox Foundation awards grants for MSU Parkinson's research
Grand Rapids Press | February 1
Due in part to the team’s depth of experience, The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research has awarded it a pair of grants to study two aspects of the disease.

Business leaders in the news: Dean Rappley appointed chair of AAMC Council of Deans
Detroit Free Press | February 2
Marsha D. Rappley, dean of the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, has been appointed chair for the Association of American Medical Colleges Council of Deans. She has been dean for the MSU College of Human Medicine since 2006. She is past chair of the Pediatric Advisory Commission for the Food and Drug Administration and completed a term on the American Board of Pediatrics subspecialty board.
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What’s happening with your donated specimen?
MSU Today | January 28
A new MSU study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, indicates that most people are willing to donate just knowing that their contribution is going toward research. But, when specific scenarios are brought into the equation, that willingness changes. The study was led by Tom Tomlinson, PhD, director of MSU’s Center for Ethics and Humanities in the Life Sciences, and co-authored by Raymond De Vries, a bioethics professor at the University of Michigan.
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MSU College of Human Medicine researcher joins Traverse City Campus
Munson Medical Center | January 22
Traverse City now hosts a Michigan State University College of Human medicine assistant professor who hopes to expand rural health research in northern Michigan and help physicians and community organizations connect to research opportunities at the university.

Hurley announces new pediatric clinic forming at Flint Farmers’ Market
MLive | January 22
It may seem like an odd partnership – a farmers' market and a pediatric clinic. But for Hurley Medical Center,  a new endeavor with the Flint Farmers' Market makes perfect sense. The Farmers' Market sits just across the parking lot from the new Michigan State University College of Human Medicine Flint campus.

Dean Rappley appointed to The Right Place board 
Grand Rapids Business Journal | January 21
The Right Place has named four new members to its board: Dr. Marsha Rappley, dean of Michigan State University College of Human Medicine; Mark Stiers, president and COO at DTE Gas; Paul McCarthy, president of Rhoades McKee; and Bryan Harrison, supervisor for Caledonia Township.

More health risks for autoworkers
WILX TV | January 16
A study by Ved Gossain, MBBS, MD, Swartz professor of medicine at Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, is the first to indicate that the state’s autoworkers are at a higher risk of heart disease compared to the U.S. population overall.
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From Flint to third-world countries: City a training ground for medicine for underserved
MLive | January 12
Students in Michigan State University's College of Human Medicine have traveled to several countries -- including Nicaragua, Peru, Dominican Republic/Haiti and Uganda -- but many times their lessons started here in Flint, a training ground for medical care in underserved areas. It's all part of the Leadership in Medicine for the Underserved (LMU) Certificate Program, which began in 2001.

MSU's tax break request for $88.1 million Grand Rapids Research Center is approved
MLive | January 8
An $88.1 million biomedical research building for Michigan State University’s College of Human Medicine must be completed by the end of 2017 to make room for some 250 researchers and support staff, school officials told the Grand Rapids Brownfield Redevelopment Authority.
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Public Health Command bids farewell to commander
Army News Service | January 6
Upon his retirement from the Army, Dean Sienko, who is a physician board-certified in general preventive medicine and public health, will serve as the Associate Dean for Prevention and Public Health at the College of Human Medicine at Michigan State University.

New MSU research center in Grand Rapids to cost about $88M
Grand Rapids Press | January 6
Michigan State University will spend $88.1 million to build a 163,000-square-foot biomedical research center on the former site of The Grand Rapids Press in downtown Grand Rapids.
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Flint-area LMU students hold fundraiser for medical supplies as they travel abroad | January 5
The group of 15 students from with the Leadership in Medicine for the Underserved (LMU) Certificate Program at the MSU College of Human Medicine community campus in Flint leave Friday, Jan. 9 for a seven-week trip to the multiple locations. 
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Inaction on LGBT equality stalls Michigan’s talent efforts
MiBiz | January 5
After working for two decades at one of the nation’s most respected medical schools, Jose Teixeira was ready for a change of scenery. That desire to start a new career chapter ultimately led the Harvard University professor to consider at position at Michigan State University’s College of Human Medicine in Grand Rapids. However, friends and colleagues encouraged Teixeira, who’s gay, to look outside of Michigan for professional opportunities.

Top 11 Gran Fondos for 2015 | January 5
No. 6 – MSU Gran Fondo in Grand Rapids, June 27th, 2015. Michigan State University College of Human Medicine Gran Fondo, a fun, non-competitive cycling event to benefit skin cancer research at MSU. 
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Scientist moves from Hawaii to work with MSU College of Human Medicine
Grand Rapids Press | January 4
Six years after their first meeting, Bachmann and Sholler are joining forces in Grand Rapids, thanks to the Spectrum Health-Michigan State University Alliance.