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Stories from 2013

Dean's Forum on Residency & Careers  MD graduates: Next step is residency. Dean Rappley addresses College of Human Medicine students on medical careers and the National Resident Matching Program.

Therapy dogs help medical students destress during exams week

Flint campus students raise $12,500 for Flint Classroom Fund

Two MSU physicians elected to masters of the Amercian College of Physicians

Research: High-fat diet at puberty speeds up breast cancer development

Deans' Workshop on Cancer Therapeutics  - November 8

RESEARCHERS CLOSE IN ON CAUSE OF GYNECOLOGICAL DISEASE  For the first time, researchers have created a model that could help unlock what causes adenomyosis, a common gynecological disease that is a major contributor to women having to undergo hysterectomies.

College of Human Medicine faculty appointed ELAM Fellows

Dean's Update: Effects of government shutdown on medical education and research

College of Human Medicine launches new rural community health program

Dr. Erin Sarzynski awarded new Sparrow/MSU grant to help seniors manage medications

College of Human Medicine Student Nicolas Fletcher named to the american medical association foundation board of directors

MSU Research: Medicaid program benefits babies born to low income women

MSU Bio Engineering Facility construction to begin soon

June 29 Gran Fondo becoming 'Destination Event' 

Navy Medic among 142 new MSU MDs

Dr. Dean Sienko to lead US Army Public Health Command.

Gran Fondo becoming 'destination event'

MSU College of Human Medicine announces GRAN FONDO cycling event June 29 to benefit MSU skin cancer research.

Doctors miss opportunity with underused prenatal program.

Dr. Kenneth Rosenman research findings: Michigan on-the-job deaths decline in 2012.

Dr. B. Keith English appointed chair of the Department of Pediatrics and Human Development.

MSU Medical Students receive research fellowships. 

5K R.A.C.E. to benefit Flint Public Schools, May 5.

Dr. Neubig appointed new chair
 of the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology

Dr. Adesuwa Olomu:
 Blood pressure out of control at safety-net clinics. 

MSU College of Human Medicine students celebrate Match Day.

Dr. Kenneth Rosenman: New study reports government data misses most work-related amputations.

Ultrasound reveals autism risk at birth.