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Match Day Student Interview

Zaineb Shatawi

April 1, 2021


Where did you match?

General Surgery at Memorial Healthcare System, South Florida.

Can you describe the weeks/months leading up to Match? How did COVID-19 impact the process?

Nothing could have prepared us for a virtual interview season. Sitting in front of our laptop cameras for hours at a time was a whole new type of exhausting. Being unable to tour the hospitals and meet potential colleagues face-to-face left us with so many unknowns—how can I commit the next 5 years of my life to a city I’ve never visited?! But, if there’s one thing being a College of Human Medicine student taught us, it’s how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. We rose to the occasion.

Describe the day, what did you do to “virtually” celebrate your match?

In true COVID-19 fashion, I made my Match Day announcement to family and friends via Zoom. But, I wanted to mimic a true Match Day as much as possible, so I had my friend print out my Match results for me and put it in a giant envelope. My parents were with me, and so, to honor their lifetime of hard work and sacrifice for my future, I handed them the envelope to open. My mom read the results aloud and screams of excitement followed, not just because I got my top choice, but because it meant I was moving back closer to home. I sobbed like a baby. And then, I ate a big slice of cake.

What are you most excited about for residency?

The thing I’m most excited about for starting my surgery residency is to learn the tangible skills that will literally give me “healing hands” someday. I still can hardly fathom that.

What advice do you have for medical students next year?

Do not ever let your perception of what a surgery/EM/family medicine/etc. resident looks like keep you from pursuing the area of medicine you are passionate about. You’ve come too far to do anything less than what you love.

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