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2021 Match Day Student Stories

Match Day is one of the most important moments for a medical student – the day they find out where they will begin their residency training. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s Match Day went virtual as students across the college shared their celebrations from afar on social media.

We interviewed a few of our students about their experience – including the days and weeks leading up to the Match, their Match Day celebrations, what they are looking forward to in residency and their advice for future medical students going through the process.

Danielle Gibson

Matched in Emergency Medicine at Yale University.

“I am most excited about starting my career in the specialty that I love the most, and being able to take care of such a diverse population in New Haven and Bridgeport. Medical school was hard work and even though I know that residency will be just as hard or harder, it’s great to know that I will be given more ownership of patients and that I am closer on my journey of becoming an excellent physician."

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Enrique Rodriguez-Fhon

Matched in Emergency Medicine at Detroit Receiving Hospital. 

"Best of luck to the class of 2022 and on! The pandemic has made the medical school a bit different this past year and you guys may feel anxious about it. However, I want to remind everyone that they made it to medical school because of their resilience, hard work, dedication, and their ability to adapt. I have the utmost confidence that every College of Human Medicine class from here on out will be ready for any challenge and find where they belong."

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Justin Robinson

Matched in Integrated-Cardiothoracic Surgery at University of Maryland.

"To celebrate I drove back to where I am originally from, the eastside of Michigan (Metro Detroit area) and spent time with my close friend who I met during medical school. We sat around, anxiously awaiting the Match email. Once the email came in, I had him open it up because I was too nervous to do it myself. He told me what specialty and where I had matched, and I was beyond elated. I matched at one of my top programs in my first specialty choice."

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Katherine Boyer

Matched in Categorical Pediatrics at Cincinnati Children’s.

"All residency interviews were virtual this year, which was an interesting process. It was nice to not have to pay for flights/hotels and to keep myself and others safe by interviewing from my apartment. However, it was sometimes challenging to get a good feel for the culture of programs during the virtual interviews and meet-n-greets. Conversations with faculty and residents after the interview day was a great way to get a better understanding of the environment at the program."

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Kody Kleinrichert

Matched at Naval Medical Center San Diego.

"As a Navy HPSP student, I only had a few options for internship. Normally, military students would be able to rotate through all their prospective programs. Unfortunately, this year, COVID-19 limited these opportunities. After lots of virtual exploration of the areas, my wife and I decided that San Diego would be our top choice."

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Zaineb Shatawi

Matched in General Surgery at Memorial Healthcare System, South Florida.

"Nothing could have prepared us for a virtual interview season. Sitting in front of our laptop cameras for hours at a time was a whole new type of exhausting. Being unable to tour the hospitals and meet potential colleagues face-to-face left us with so many unknowns—how can I commit the next 5 years of my life to a city I’ve never visited?! But, if there’s one thing being a College of Human Medicine student taught us, it’s how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. We rose to the occasion."

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