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Match Day Student Interview

Enrique Rodriguez-Fhon

April 1, 2021

Where did you match?

Detroit Receiving Hospital. The greatest medical specialty out there! EMERGENCY MEDICINE!!!

Can you describe the weeks/months leading up to Match? How did COVID-19 impact the process?

Interviews went really well. I don’t have anything to reference them to, but I felt that the interviews themselves were genuine and it felt almost as good as being in person. The only thing that I missed out on due to COVID-19 is getting to know the residents on the night before interviews virtual hangouts. I wish those could’ve happened in person so I can get a better feel for the residents and staff.

Describe the day, what did you do to “virtually” celebrate your match?

Most of my friends and family are in Florida so they couldn’t be present on Match Day. However, my partner was with me when I opened the email. We both cheered, I went to the mall to purchase a Detroit Tigers hat, and then came back for the Virtual Match Day Celebration. Later that evening, my partner and I went out to Black Rock for dinner to celebrate my new residency program. We both can’t wait for graduation because we will have family and friends present with us then.

What are you most excited about for residency?

Getting to practice what I love and learn more about my specialty. I’m also looking forward to the bonds and friendships that I will make with my co-residents, attendings, and staff members. But I’m really looking forward to learning the skills that I need to serve my new community.

What advice do you have for medical students next year?

Relax, take a deep breath and enjoy the journey. If you’ve made it this far, it means the odds are in your favor and now the ball is in your court. Soon you’ll be contacted by several programs that are excited to meet you and hoping that you pick them for residency. In the end, I believe that you end up where you belong.

Is there anything else you wish to add?

Best of luck to the class of 2022 and on! The pandemic has made the medical school a bit different this past year and you guys may feel anxious about it. However, I want to remind everyone that they made it to medical school because of their resilience, hard work, dedication, and their ability to adapt. I have the utmost confidence that every College of Human Medicine class from here on out will be ready for any challenge and find where they belong.

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