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The MSU-Hurley Children's Hospital Pediatric Public Health Initiative's Health Informatics team works with many partners to develop a robust registry of Flint children that consolidates data from multiple sources for outcomes research, program evaluation research, and real-time user/agency/provider access for program enrollment/utilization.

In March 2017, Nicole Jones, PhD, was named Flint Registry Director. A lifelong resident of Genesee County, Dr. Jones has been a member of epidemiologic research teams since 1996. She completed her PhD in epidemiology and postdoctoral training in perinatal epidemiology at Michigan State University. She previously worked as a project director for the Pregnancy Outcomes & Community Health Study which enrolled women from 52 clinics in five Michigan communities including Flint. Dr. Jones joined the Biomedical Research Informatics Core (BRIC) in 2011 where she provided support for MSU clinical research teams and served as a co-investigator for the Data Coordinating Center on the CDC-funded Study to Explore Early Development. As the sssociate director for BRIC, Dr. Jones has been part of the team working with Dr. Mona to plan the Flint Water Crisis Registry. Her position is supported by the MDHHS Registry Grant.

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